Movies: Dark Side Rising (Movies)

The first three Star Wars were epic. The next two, not really. Now George Lucas has pulled out all the stops and finished the cycle with Revenge of the Sith

Movies: The Star Wars Family Tree (Movies)

Six films, a Jedi Council, a set of twins and a secret Sith lord. Who's related to whom and how? You need a Jedi mind trick--or this guide--to keep it straight


Why Gas Won't Get Cheaper

The President's energy plan won't stop the pain at the pump. But there's no reason to panic. Here's why:

Playdate for the Pentagon

In a quest to make troops safer, the military invites companies to show off their latest, greatest gizmos

Jack in a Box

Besieged lobbyist Jack Abramoff offers his take on the ethics scandals roiling Washington and threatening his good friend Tom DeLay

An American Witness

In a new book, an Army sergeant based at Gitmo tells the grim story of the prison camp from the inside


Inside an Insurgent Camp (Notebook)

With a huge upswing in violence in Iraq, a look at the anti-American training camps

Blogwatch: May 9, 2005 (Notebook)

With an estimated 100,000 Iranian bloggers online, debate in Iran spreads to the Internet

Dinosaurs for Creationists (Notebook)

An Arkansas museum teaches that dinosaurs and people co-existed on an Earth that's only 6,000 years old

Resurrection (Notebook)

The ivory-billed woodpecker, thought to be extinct for decades, shows up again in Arkansas

The Perils of Hands-On Diplomacy (Notebook / In the Arena)

An ambitious energy-independence campaign would be boldness of a sort that George W. Bush usually loves

Ethics of a New Science (Notebook / Speed Read)

The National Academy of Sciences releases a set of stem-cell ethical guidelines


Faith and Frat Boys

Can devout Christians reconcile their beliefs with college culture? A look inside one campus


Wynn's Big Bet (PROFILE)

The man who brought tigers and treasure ships to Sin City is reinventing himself again, with his most ambitious project yet


Movies: To War or Not to War (Movies)

Ridley Scott's ambitious Kingdom of Heaven tries to make a judicious action epic out of the Crusades


Is It O.K. to Be Pudgy? (Health)

That's the question raised by the latest government study. What the findings do—and don't—reveal



Q&A Topher Grace

For In Good Company, on DVD May 10, Topher Grace played a boy with a man's job. Grace's first TV job, on That 70s Show, ends May 18.




Greener Pastures (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Strategies)

By focusing on "lifestyle" farmers instead of real ones, Tractor Supply Co. found more fertile ground

Half Day In ...: U in the District (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Half Day In ...)

The Air and Space Museum? Love it. But for a change of pace--and tempo--visit the jazzy environs of U Street

The Arte of Baseball (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / SPORTS)

Arte Moreno has the Angels flying, despite a controversial new name

Marketing: Gallo Says Bonjour (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Marketing)

America's biggest winery is blending foreign grapes with U.S. salesmanship--and scandalizing the industry. Will wine become homogenized?

Competition: Foreign Policy (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Competition)

The U.S. military complex used to buy its wares only from U.S. companies. Not anymore. Is the influx from abroad good or bad?

Media: Making Waves (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Media)

Is he a traitor? Mel Karmazin built a couple of traditional media empires. Now his Sirius satellite firm is challenging the old guard of radio

Branding: A Bid for Star Power (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Branding)

Can a controversial fashion designer help Estee Lauder revive its flagship brand?

Media: Radio's Last Hope? (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Inside Business / Media)

In Dallas, 100.3 FM is winning listeners with a new format: fewer ads, no DJs, constant music