Dark Side Rising (Cover Story)

The first three Star Wars were epic. The next two, not really. Now George Lucas has pulled out all the stops and finished the cycle with Revenge of the Sith

A Look Back in Wonder (Cover Story)

After nearly three decades, George Lucas has finished his culture-changing saga of a fallen father and the son who redeems him. The director seems as surprised as anyone at what he has done. Lucas talks to TIME about what's next


Done Talking?

It looks increasingly unlikely that the North Korean nuclear crisis will be solved through the six-party talks. So what will the U.S. do now?

Guest of Honor

Nearly six decades after the Kuomintang fled to Taiwan, its chairman seeks peace with China


How to Lose a Harbor (Asia)

For more than a century, Hong Kong has polluted and misused its greatest asset. But a sea change in attitude may be on the way