Show of Force

The Star Wars saga returns to light-saber-rattling form with the dark and lively Revenge of the Sith


The Long Goodbye (Britain | Election 2005)

The Iraq war ended Britain's love affair with Tony Blair, but that doesn't look like it will stop him winning a historic third term

Looking For A Cure (Britain | Election 2005)

Labour is pouring billions into the National Health Service. Is it getting better?

Buy One, Get One Free (Britain | Election 2005)

VIEWPOINT: This week's vote is as much about Gordon Brown as it is about Tony Blair


Spain's Showdown (Notebook | Spain)

A proposed new law allowing gay marriage has showed the splits in Spanish society

Operation Puppet Master (Notebook | France)

France's top satirical comedy show is at the center of a web of intrigue

Feuding Friends (Notebook | Italy)

The relationship between Italy and the U.S. cools further after the shooting of an Italian secret agent in Iraq


A Bittersweet Celebration (Europe | V-E Day)

This week, some Europeans will toast the 60th anniversary of Hitler's end, while others mourn what followed


Taking The Earth Into Account (Time Next | Green Banking)

Under increasing pressure from environmentalists, big banks are now vetting investments by their ecological and social — as well as their economic — impact

Power to the People (Time Next | Microgeneration)

Forget the national power grid. Small communities are starting to make their own energy from clean, renewable, local sources

Walk Softly, Leave A Small Footprint (Time Next | Waste Management)

In the throw away society it's easy to ignore the volume of waste we leave behind, which is why a new sculpture confronts us with our actions


Disappearing Act (Art)

How a cache of valuable art by legendary Italian painter Alberto Burri vanished without a trace

The Secret Life of Plant (Music)

In his rocking new record, ex-Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant finally breaks free from his past


It's All Relative (Global Adviser | Dossier)

Europe celebrates the life and genius of Albert Einstein

Palace Coup (Global Adviser | Check In)

There's no skimping when it comes to Abu Dhabi's latest luxury hotel