Big City Bosses (Cover | Big City Bosses)

Meet five big city bosses — the mayors of Rome, London, Stockholm, Berlin and Paris — who are tackling the challenges of contemporary urban life with new energy and ideas. As they gain more clout and visibility, these innovative leaders are shaking up the way Europe's capitals are run


Looking For Some Help (Britain | Election 2005)

Tony Blair won a third term and a bloody nose, but learned that he needs an old friend and rival if he is to get things done



Leaden Bureaucracy (Notebook | Kosovo)

A place of safety for Kosovo's Roma is not all it seems


Arabian Knight (Global Adviser | Time Traveler)

Seventy years after his death, T.E. Lawrence still inspires legions of admirers to retrace his steps

Square Meal (Global Adviser | Local Fare)

Forget Paris. A beautifully restored café proves that Prague is Cubism's true home

Punk Rocks (Global Adviser | Style Watch)

Vivienne Westwood is offering safety pins with a stylish difference

Add-ons for Your iPod (Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

How can you make the greatest gadget of all time even more gadgety?