Game On for Gates (Cover | Technology)

Microsoft's founder is betting $3 billion that the new Xbox 360 will fulfill the dream of at-home convergence between advanced software and video games

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Sony and Nintendo are coming out with nifty gadgets, too


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Israel's Prime Minister talks to TIME about his disengagement plan and the future of his country


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Why Germany's Social Democrats might well lose a longtime industrial stronghold


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Giveaway papers are booming. Can traditional outlets — and good journalism — survive?


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A hotel in Copenhagen offers rooms with a view ... on the inside

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Cocktail culture makes an unlikely debut in a far-flung corner of China

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Take a leaf out of Kerala's book when it comes to curry

Picture This (Global Adviser | Tech Watch) is a website for sore eyes

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Looking for a 2,850-km jogging trail? Then try the banks of the Danube



Iron Fist In Andijan (Notebook | Uzbekistan)

Uzbekistan's President blames Islamic militants for the uprising

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The old dictator Stalin finds new friends in Russia's political élite

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Forget bingo and giveaway CDs, a Japanese puzzle is the saviour of newspaper circulation

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Malcom Glazer's move to takeover Britain's biggest club provokes popular uproar