Pope Benedict XVI: The New Shepherd (Cover Story / Pope Benedict XVI)

It's hard to follow a superstar; will the new Pope with the fierce reputation be able to take up where John Paul II left off?

The Turning Point (Cover Story / Pope Benedict XVI)

How the upheavals of 1968 turned a Vatican II reformer into an ardent conservative

What Should He Do? (Pope Benedict XVI / Pope Benedict XVI)

A TIME Forum: American Catholics suggest priorities the new pontiff should tackle in the days ahead

Pope Benedict XVI: Spheres of Influence (Cover Story / Pope Benedict XVI)

The Pope's traditional brand of thinking draws on lessons from many great figures, past and present, and radiates far and wide


Madman in the Kitchen (Food)

Heston Blumenthal scientifically pairs tastes--caviar and chocolate, anyone?--in (usually) divine ways


How to Get Out Alive (Behavior)

From hurricanes to 9/11: What the science of evacuation reveals about how humans behave in the worst of times


Iraq's Next Fault Line (Notebook)

U.S. officials are worrying about plans to remove former Baathists from Iraqi security positions

Insert Icky Pun Here (Notebook)

Wendy's faces a p.r. nightmare: a severed finger in a bowl of chili

Turmoil At The Top (Notebook)

Across the world, many countries struggle with a change in leadership

Losing His Groove (Notebook)

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger's honeymoon be coming to an end?


Meet the Mompreneurs (Time Bonus Section May 2005: Connections / Mother's Day Edition)

Kid-inspired creations are turning a profit for parents with patents

Miracle Moms (Time Bonus Section May 2005: Connections / Mother's Day Edition)

Women with HIV can now give birth safely

The Mommy Brain (Time Bonus Section May 2005: Connections / Mother's Day Edition)

No, diapering does not make you ditzy. Motherhood, argues a new book, makes you smarter


Greenspan's Deficits

The storied Fed Chairman is battling inflation, sluggish growth--and some harsh new scrutiny


100 Years in One Life (Theater)

August Wilson is on the final stretch of his 10-play epic. But he isn't through talking about racism, black actors--and why he doesn't read Shakespeare



Q&A Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh plays Franklin Roosevelt in HBO's Warm Springs, airing April 30.


In God's Hands

Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, the devoutly religious and even staunch unbelievers responded to our stories on Pope John Paul II, sharing sadness, praise and memories of his ministry along with some sharp criticism of the Pontiff's conservative line on contraception and the ordination of women priests