The New Shepherd (Cover Story)

It's hard to follow a superstar; will the new Pope with the fierce reputation be able to take up where John Paul II left off?


Standing Their Ground

Japan's row with China is cooling. But as a new generation of hawkish politicians steer Japan to the right, more diplomatic flare-ups are possible

How to Lose a Harbor

For more than a century, Hong Kong has polluted and misused its greatest asset. But a sea change in attitude may be on the way


The Rise of The Machines (Notebook)

From the Emirates to the Korean DMZ, robots are showing up in some surprising places

Letters (Notebook)

Lessons of the Schiavo Battle


Farewell, Pink Gin (Books)

Tash Aw didn't set out to write The Great Malaysian Novel, but to prove Somerset Maugham wrong



The Big Red Bargain (TIME Global Adviser)

Minivan not big enough for you and your clan? Buy your very own London double-decker busfor less than you think