How To Fix Our Intelligence

The CIA and FBI desperately need to be reformed to deter the next 9/11. But are they and the Administration willing to change?


Shifting Power

The Bush Administration backs a U.N. diplomat's plan for handing over control of Iraq. But stopping the violence is still America's job


The Tragedy Of Tar Creek (Environment)

Superfund was created to ensure that America's toxic-waste dumps got cleaned up. An inside look at one of its failures


The New Baby Boom

Older kids have too many other things to do, so children's museums are now targeting toddlers


Architecture: One For The Books (Architecture)

A new public library by REM KOOLHAAS is surprising and bold. It comes just in time for the troubled architect




When Execs Go Temp

It started with clerical and factory workers. But here's why the preference for short-term workers now extends to the most highly skilled employees


The Way We Live Now (Books)

Two satires on the quotidian miseries of middle-class existence, one set at home, the other at work

Goddess of the Geeks (Movies)

Tina Fey, she of the bruising punch lines, revisits the pain and suffering of high school in Mean Girls

The Bill Comes Due (Movies)

Tarantino's killathon ends on a pensive, emotional note. But folks still get buried alive and blown away

The Charm of Africa (Books)

A Scottish law professor who writes best-selling detective tales set in Botswana. What gives?



Foodies Gone Wild (Time Bonus Section May 2004: Generations)

Want to take a favorite baked treat from your kitchen to the supermarket aisles? It ain't easy, but lots of food lovers are doing it. Here's what you can learn from their business ventures

At Last, It's My Time! (Time Bonus Section May 2004: Generations)

A new book examines the joys of aging creatively

Sipping in Sicily (Time Bonus Section May 2004: Generations)

When it comes to Sicilian wines, Alice Feiring has a predilection for the lesser-known varietals

George W. Bush (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Radical Gambler

Abu al-Zarqawi (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Letter from an Islamic Terrorist

Wu Yi (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Goddess of Transparency

Condoleezza Rice (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

The Power of Proximity

Hu Jin Tao (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

The Common Touch

Kim Jong Il (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Self-Confidence With Nukes

Bill Gates (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Billionaire Philanthropist

The Clintons (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Politics of Conversation

Pope John Paul II (Time 100 / Leaders & Revolutionaries)

Pointing the Way To Reconciliation

Carly Fiorina (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

Inventing a New Hewlett-Packard

Howard Schultz (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

Selling Latte to the Masses

Al-Jazeera (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

TV as a Powerful Wind of Change

Azim Premji (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

Making Outsourcing In

David Neeleman (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

Making Flying Human Again

Daniel Vasella (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

Physician Turned Global CEO

Abigail Johnson (Time 100 / Builders & Titans)

What Would You Do With $893 Billion?

Ferran Adria (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Gastronomic Innovator

J.K. Rowling (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Reading's Gentle Pied Piper

Frank Gehry (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Designing Out of the Box

Norah Jones (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Calming Voice in a Frenzied Pop Age

Hideo Nakata (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

The Ring Master

Simon Cowell (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Picking Our Winners

Aishwarya Rai (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Bollywood's Beauty, Crossover Catalyst

OutKast (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Uniters, Not Dividers

Bruce Nauman (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Artist Behind the Enigmas

Guy Laliberte (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Revolution Under the Big Top

Ken Kutaragi (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Gutenberg of Video Games

Peter Jackson (Time 100 / Artists & Entertainers)

Lord of the Cinema

Eric Lander (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Unraveling the Threads of Life

Bernard Lewis (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Seeking the Roots of Muslim Rage

Edward Witten (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

The World in A Superstring

Hernando de Soto (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Unlocking the Riches of the Poor

Bjorn Lomborg (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Green Contrarian

Louise Arbour (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Empathetic Judge

Tariq Ramadan (Time 100 / Scientists & Thinkers)

Modernist or Extremist?

Tiger Woods (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Ignore the Whispers. He'll Be Back

Bono (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Rock Star on a Mission

B.K.S. Iyengar (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Bringing the East to the West

Evan Wolfson (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Gay Marriage as a Civil Right of Our Times

Arthur Agatston (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Doc with the South Beach Diet

Yao Ming (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Giant on the Court. He Sends Cards Too

Dalai Lama (Time 100 / Heroes & Icons)

Teaching Us to Be Neighbors

Being No. 101 (Time 100)

What kind of person just missed the cut?