Campaign 2000: Bush Bears Down (Campaign 2000)

He's better in debates all over the airwaves, and he's quieted his G.O.P. doubters. But can the front runner go off script?

The Family Feuds

The fight for Elian gets uglier, but the grandmas may have an answer

Gary Hart Comes Out

The former Senator and ex-presidential candidate reveals that he's thriller writer John Blackthorn


Stuck In Chechnya

The rebels stall the Russian offensive. Do their hit-and-run tactics threaten Putin?


The Gene Machine

To the consternation of his rivals, Craig Venter may have the human DNA 100% mapped by summer



Is He the Retiring Type?

A stray thought sets off talk about a resignation and concern about a latent pontifical problem


Constabulary (Notebook)

Wanted: Police Officers To Wear a Lighter Blue


Games Species Play (Ideas)

What's the secret of life? It may be that our genes are all in the same boat. They sink or swim together


Small Breakthrough

Automakers are going to school to create a hip new generation of cars for echo boomers

Extortion on the Internet

A daring hacker tries to blackmail an e-tailer--and sparks new worries about credit-card cybertheft


Cinema: Sundance Sorority (The Arts / Cinema)

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL JANUARY 20-30 2000 The world's top indie film fest strides toward gender equality, with a record 26% of the films made by women. Here are six directors with a shot at auteur sta

Rebel Without a Pause (The Arts / Show Business)

Volatile, outspoken, aggressive--Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's favorite wild child onscreen and off

Television: A Trick of the Eye (The Arts / Television)

CBS inserts self-promoting digital billboards into its news shows. Are they signs of the times?


Spoiling Our Kids (Personal Time / Your Family)

Many parents are spending newfound wealth on their children--instead of spending time

Quit Now, Al (Personal Time / Your Money)

The Fed's Greenspan is still on top of interest rates, but his legacy is headed for trouble

Blackberry Jam (Personal Time / Your Technology)

A popular pager-size e-mail device finally gets some competition. But the price remains high

Don't Be Flued (Personal Time / Your Health)

Those new influenza remedies have great TV commercials, but they won't cure what ails you


How'd They (E-Companies) Do? (Time Select / Business)

Online shopping scored big during the holidays, but lots of individual e-tailers fumbled. What they did wrong--and how they can fix it

Publish Thyself (Time Select / Business)

More and more, book authors are using the Web--without editorial middlemen--to reach readers

Banking On Sperm (Time Select / Business)

Europe's patchwork of rules for sperm donation has allowed a Danish firm to rule the market