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Archive: 2006

Fatal Storm
An estimated 400 people have died in the Philippines' fourth deadly typhoon in as many months
Dec. 01, 2006

Pictured: Mud Slide
A leak at an exploratory oil and gas well inundates 20 sq. km. with mud
Sep. 25, 2006

Scenes from a Coup
Photographer Philip Blenkinsop takes to the streets of Bangkok as the tanks roll in
Sep. 25, 2006

Pictured: Right Back at You
Protesters throw tear gas at police during riots in Pakistan
Aug. 31, 2006

Pictured: Hello, Your Holiness
The Dalai Lama kicks off his weeklong visit to Mongolia
Aug. 24, 2006

Pictured: Assassination Attempt
Soldiers guard the site of a blast in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Aug. 15, 2006

Pictured: Tribal Warfare
Papuan tribesman, armed with bows and arrows, prepare to do battle against a rival tribe
Jul. 27, 2006

Pictured: The Waves Return
Hundreds are dead as Indonesia is struck by a second tsunami
Jul. 18, 2006

Bombings in Bombay
Terrorists target India's financial capital, detonating seven bombs on the city's trains during evening rush hour
Jul. 17, 2006

Pictured: Tragedy on the Tracks
A victim of Tuesday night's bomb blasts receives treatment at the Bhaba hospital in Bombay
Jul. 12, 2006

Pictured: New Neighbors
Chinese and Indian soliders prepare to mark the historic opening of a Himalayan border pass for the first time since 1962
Jul. 07, 2006

Pictured: After the Floods
Heavy rains in Indonesia kill 200
Jun. 24, 2006

Pictured: Heads Up
During the Group G match at the soccer World Cup 2006, South Korea defeated Togo 2-1
Jun. 15, 2006

Bombay Dreams
Crowded, chaotic Bombay is almost a textbook example of how not to run a city. But its energy and vitality have made it the center of India's new boom
Jun. 13, 2006

Mangalore Grows Up
New shopping malls, universities and IT centers are pulling a once-sleepy Indian city into the 21st century. Can it avoid leaving much of its history behind?
Jun. 13, 2006

Pictured: Thar She Blows
Visitors watch as a coffer dam on China's Yangtze river is detonated in a spectacular explosion
Jun. 08, 2006

After the Earthquake
Aid is flowing into the region, but survivors of Indonesia's May 27 quake are still struggling to find food, shelter and hope
Jun. 05, 2006

Pictured: Running for the Hills
At 5,300 meters, a group of runners hit the trail to start the Everest Hillary Marathon
May. 30, 2006

Amid the Ruins
Victims of the massive earthquake in Indonesia’s Central Java begin the slow task of recovery
May. 30, 2006

Indonesia's Aftershock
Central Java is rocked by the country's worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami
May. 28, 2006

Through the Looking Glass
Readers of Andrew Sullivan’s Blog, The Daily Dish, sent him images of the views from their windows. Take a glimpse at an assortment of their shots, which reveal the diverse worlds one blog's audience comes from
May. 26, 2006

A Life-Saving Journey
A Florida resident travels to New Delhi for bypass surgery that would have cost him ten times as much in the U.S.
May. 26, 2006

In the Shadow of Fire Mountain
As Indonesia’s Mt. Merapi threatened to erupt, photographer Kemal Jufri traveled to Central Java to meet the people who live there—and who had to choose whether to stay or flee
May. 22, 2006

Actors in Character
Photographer Howard Schatz asks an array of character actors to do what they do best.
May. 19, 2006

Multimedia: The Other War
TIME's Phil Zabriskie explains why Afghanistan is deadlier than ever
May. 15, 2006

Beneath the Volcano
Indonesia braces for a new eruption.
May. 15, 2006

An Evening With the TIME 100
Scenes from the party
May. 09, 2006

Tiny Creatures from the Deep
An internanional survey discovers dozens of remarkable new species
May. 05, 2006

Pictured: Driving off Demonstrators
Police clash with protesters in Kathmandu, Nepal
Apr. 13, 2006

Thailand: Ones To Watch
Thailand's political future remains uncertain. Here are some of the figures who may shape it
Apr. 10, 2006

Kashmir Recovers
Spring brings new challenges to quake-stricken region
Apr. 09, 2006

Pictured: Thaksin Quits
Supporters in Bangkok weep following Thaksin's announcement that he would resign
Apr. 06, 2006

Pictured: Israeli Elections
Jewish settlers wait to vote at a polling station in the West Bank
Mar. 31, 2006

Ice, Wind and Fire
Global warming is happening, and the proof is all around us
Mar. 26, 2006

Beijing's Next Generation
Joining the Preschoolers at the Chinese capital's Yayuncun Number 2 Kindergarten
Mar. 24, 2006

A Student's Life
TIME follows one Hong Kong student through her day
Mar. 24, 2006

Schools Apart
Seoul’s Haja center and Sungmisan academy emphasize alternative approaches to learning
Mar. 24, 2006

Pictured: Student Protests
Riot policemen arrest a demonstrator in Paris during rallies against controversial new labor laws
Mar. 23, 2006

Capturing a War
TIME photographers chronicle three years in Iraq
Mar. 19, 2006

Pictured: You're Out!
Venezuela's Marco Scutaro tags Australia's Bradley Harman at the World Baseball Classic
Mar. 10, 2006

Afghanistan's Mean Streets
Druglords and insurgents are making the war in Afghanistan deadlier than ever
Mar. 06, 2006

Pictured: Unholy Welcome
Fires burn at the site of a suicide car bombing near the U.S. consulate in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi
Mar. 03, 2006

Buried in Mud
A Philippine village wiped out by a landslide
Feb. 20, 2006

Sri Lanka: Tiger Territory
TIME photographer John Stanmeyer takes a look inside Sri Lanka's rebel-held northeast as the island teeters on the brink of renewed civil war
Feb. 20, 2006

Pictured: Olympian Heights
Canadian skier Jeff Bean takes flight during training for the men's aerial competition
Feb. 16, 2006

The Winter Olympics
TIME's daily photo coverage of the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy
Feb. 12, 2006

Pictured: Nepal's Election
Amid threats of violence and a political boycott, voters stay away in droves
Feb. 11, 2006

Afghan Cartoon Violence
Death toll in protests reaches 12
Feb. 09, 2006

A Hidden World Revealed
Dozens of new species are found in New Guinea
Feb. 07, 2006

Pictured: Watch the Skies
Keeping a lookout for the retun of the Stardust space probe
Jan. 19, 2006

Pictured: Praising God
Muslim pilgrims gather at dawn at the holy mountain of Jabal Al Rahma in Arafat
Jan. 14, 2006

Pictured: Fleeing the Flood
Heavy rains and mudslides strike the Indonesian island of Java
Jan. 05, 2006

Tsunami: Choosing to Remember
Thailand announces five finalists for its planned tsunami memorial
Jan. 05, 2006

Kashmir: Cold Mountains
Three months after the devastating earthquake, survivors are facing scarce supplies and the prospect of a brutal winter. Photographs for TIME by John Stanmeyer—VII
Jan. 02, 2006

Indonesia: Recovering from the Tsunami
TIME photographer John Stanmeyer revisits Indonesia one year after the deluge
Jan. 02, 2006

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