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Archive: 2005

Pictured: Indonesian Troops Leave Aceh
Soliders pull out of the troubled province as part of a peace agreement with rebels
Dec. 29, 2005

The Best Photos of the Year 2005
A portfolio of unforgettable images
Dec. 12, 2005

Pictured: Hong Kong Protests
Pro-democracy demonstrators turn out against a government reform plan
Dec. 07, 2005

Pictured: West Bank Checkpoints
Scuffles in Hebron
Dec. 06, 2005

Pictured: Protests in Seoul
Rice riots in the runup to APEC
Nov. 18, 2005

Exposing North Korea
Daily life in a country caught between the whims of a tyrannical regime and the call of the modern world
Nov. 16, 2005

Pictured: Elections in Azerbaijan
Another Orange Revolution?
Nov. 11, 2005

Pictured: Going Up
Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito
Nov. 03, 2005

After the Quake
In the earthquake-ravaged areas of Pakistan and Kashmir, survivors search for shelter, first aid, and their missing loved ones
Oct. 17, 2005

Pictured: Liftoff
China's latest space launch
Oct. 14, 2005

Bali: Dealing with a Second Tragedy
As investigators continue searching for clues amid the debris of the Oct. 1 suicide bombings in Bali, Indonesia, the island's inhabitants try to put the latest attacks behind them
Oct. 10, 2005

After the Quake
Earthquake rescue efforts continue
Oct. 09, 2005

Pictured: Remembering, Again
Mourning the victims of Bali's latest terror attacks
Oct. 06, 2005

Pictured: Outbreak in Indonesia
Avian flu fears strike Jakarta, prompting renewed efforts to locate and combat the virus
Sep. 24, 2005

Pictured: Afghan Elections
Voters prepare for Afghanistan's first parliamentary poll in nearly 30 years
Sep. 19, 2005

Pictured: Tragedy in Medan
Just seconds after takeoff, a plane crashes through a residential neighborhood
Sep. 12, 2005

Asian Journey: Ghosts of War
In Afghanistan, decades of conflict have left their permanent mark on the landscape
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: Inheriting the New China
In Shanghai, a paean to newfound wealth rises around the birthplace of Chinese Communism
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: Reimagining Tibet
In Dharamsala, the Tibetan exile community is fighting to preserve their culture, one tradition at a time
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: Sin City
Thailand's Pattaya resort is Asia's first mass tourism mecca
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: City of Hope
Where South Korea's economic boom took shape
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: Feeding the Nation
How the Chinese village of Xiaogang launched a people's revolt against collectivization
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Asian Journey: Road to Riches
A journey down Vietnam's new Ho Chi Minh Highway
Aug. 15, 2005
Aug. 08, 2005

Imagineering the Future
A first look at the soon-to-open Hong Kong Disneyland
Jul. 28, 2005

New Waves, Ancient Shores
Join us on a South Pacific voyage as we explore how age-old cultures are adapting to modern ways
Jul. 28, 2005

Photos: Inside Guantanamo
Scenes from the detention facilities at Camp Delta and Camp X-Ray at the US Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Jul. 11, 2005

Multiple Explosions Rock London
Four explosions in the heart of London have killed at least two and wounded many others
Jul. 07, 2005

Party Like it's 2012
London celebrates the news that the city will host the Olympic 7 years
Jul. 06, 2005

World of Rock
Scenes from Live 8 concerts around the globe
Jul. 05, 2005

The Siachen Glacier
A look at life on the front lines of the world's highest battlefield
Jul. 05, 2005

Fireworks in Space
NASA’s Deep impact probe hits comet Tempel 1
Jul. 05, 2005

China's New Reality
In Beijing and Shanghai, the shapes of things to come
Jun. 20, 2005

In the Valley of Death
The Inside story of an ill-fated Australian SAS patrol in Afghanistan
Jun. 13, 2005

Fighting Polio's Resurgence
Indonesia launches an emergency inoculation drive as an ugly disease reemerges after a 10-year hiatus
May. 31, 2005

Pictured: By a Nose
Hong Kong's Silent Witness breaks his record winning streak
May. 17, 2005

Uphill Battle
The task of facing down the Philippines' many internal security problems falls to a fighting force that's short on weapons and supplies and ridden with inefficiency and graft. A look at life inside the Philippines military
May. 09, 2005

Rebel Territory
The Maoist insurrection which has terrorized Nepal for nine years has its stronghold in the Himalayan kingdom's unreachable hillsides. A look inside the lives of Nepal's Maoist rebels
Apr. 26, 2005

"Habemus Papam"
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI
Apr. 20, 2005

Meet the Neighbors
Two Australian photographers plunge lens first into the colors and contrasts of a vibrant but troubled country
Apr. 09, 2005

Asia's Tsunami: What Was Lost
TIME's award-winning photographers document the aftermath of Asia's catastrophic Dec. 24, 2004 tsunami
Apr. 04, 2005

Indonesia is hit with another powerful earthquake
Mar. 29, 2005

Bleak Existence
These James Nachtwey photographs depict the daily struggle for survival in some of the poorest regions of the globe
Mar. 08, 2005

Amazing Mars
Pictures of astonishing clarity produced by the Mars rovers have laid bare the secrets of the Red Planet
Feb. 28, 2005

Macau Madness!
Casino fever is turning the sleepy former colony into a pleasure dome to rival Las Vegas
Feb. 07, 2005

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