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Fatal Storm

Scenes from a Coup

Bombings in Bombay

Summer Journey

M O R E   P H O T O E S S A Y S

Mangalore Grows Up
New shopping malls, universities and IT centers are pulling a once-sleepy Indian city into the 21st century. Can it avoid leaving much of its history behind?
Jun. 13, 2006

Bombay Dreams
Crowded, chaotic Bombay is almost a textbook example of how not to run a city. But its energy and vitality have made it the center of India's new boom
Jun. 13, 2006

After the Earthquake
Aid is flowing into the region, but survivors of Indonesia's May 27 quake are still struggling to find food, shelter and hope
Jun. 05, 2006

Amid the Ruins
Victims of the massive earthquake in Indonesia’s Central Java begin the slow task of recovery
May. 30, 2006

Indonesia's Aftershock
Central Java is rocked by the country's worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami
May. 28, 2006

Through the Looking Glass
Readers of Andrew Sullivan’s Blog, The Daily Dish, sent him images of the views from their windows. Take a glimpse at an assortment of their shots, which reveal the diverse worlds one blog's audience comes from
May. 26, 2006

A Life-Saving Journey
A Florida resident travels to New Delhi for bypass surgery that would have cost him ten times as much in the U.S.
May. 26, 2006

In the Shadow of Fire Mountain
As Indonesia’s Mt. Merapi threatened to erupt, photographer Kemal Jufri traveled to Central Java to meet the people who live there—and who had to choose whether to stay or flee
May. 22, 2006

Actors in Character
Photographer Howard Schatz asks an array of character actors to do what they do best.
May. 19, 2006

Beneath the Volcano
Indonesia braces for a new eruption.
May. 15, 2006

Multimedia: The Other War
TIME's Phil Zabriskie explains why Afghanistan is deadlier than ever
May. 15, 2006

An Evening With the TIME 100
Scenes from the party
May. 09, 2006

Tiny Creatures from the Deep
An internanional survey discovers dozens of remarkable new species
May. 05, 2006

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