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Archive: 2001
2001 Year in Pictures
From terrorist attacks in America to the war in Afghanistan to an Indian earthquate, the images of 2001 were too much steeped in blood
Dec. 17, 2001

Indonesia's Dirty Little Holy War
Well-armed and well-supported, radical Islamic militias like the Laskar Jihad are wreaking havoc in Indonesia
Dec. 12, 2001

Afghan Women: Through the Ages
With the end of Taliban rule, is there new hope for women in Afghanistan?
Nov. 29, 2001

Kabul Unveiled
Photographer John Stanmeyer takes a look at the new role of Afghan women
Nov. 23, 2001

The Battle for Konduz
Images from the Northern Alliance's final assault on the Taliban's northern stronghold
Nov. 21, 2001

Pakistan: A Country Divided  This feature contains audio
John Stanmeyer captures the sights and sounds of a country caught between its aspirations of modernity and its Islamist roots
Nov. 7, 2001

Burden of sanctuary
Fleeing famine and constant war, Afghan refugees cross the border into Pakistan—to become near slaves
Oct. 8, 2001

Caught in the Middle
Pakistan finds itself in the middle of a worldwide dispute
Sep. 24, 2001

Race to Safety
Afghans are fleeing the country as U.S. military strike looms large
Sep. 18, 2001

TIME's Asian Journey 2001: An Asian Voyage
From China to Africa, TIME's photographers trace the route of one of the world's greatest explorers. Follow their journey:
China | Indonesia | India | Middle East | Africa
Aug. 13, 2001

An Uncertain Future
Destruction and development in Indonesia have imperiled humankind's closest relatives, the orangutan
Jun. 29, 2001

Murder and Monarchy
In a Shakespearean tragedy, the Crown Prince of Nepal massacres his own family
Jun. 5, 2001

Our Interactive World
Innovations are changing how we all interact
May 28, 2001

'Wearable Computers Must Be Functional and Beautiful'
TIME's Ginny Parker gets a sneak preview of tomorrow's high-tech fashion
May 28, 2001

It's Showtime
The annual Cannes Film Festival gets underway on the French Riviera
May 10, 2001

Geishas & Godzillas
Which is odder—the image of Japan in Hollywood movies or the image of Japan in its own films?
Apr 26, 2001

Pure Art
Japanese fashion designers have revolutionized clothes—and thrill crowds each year at Paris Fashion Week—but none head a major Western fashion house. Why?
Apr 25, 2001

Crouching Tiger at the Ocsars
In an Oscar campaign which has seen Ang Lee's film sweep the world, the final icing on the cake was always going to be the showdown between Tiger and Ridley Scott's Gladiator
Mar 20, 2001

Bloody Borneo
Borneo's Dayaks unleashed a cannibalistic rampage of violence against their migrant Madurese neighbors last week, leaving more than 500 butchered and causing thousands to flee. Is Indonesia spinning out of control?
Mar 7, 2001

Speed Demons
An inside look at Asia's speed culture
Mar 2, 2001

Notes from the Underground
When the temperature plummets to -30°C, the warmest place in Ulan Bator is the sewer. The nearly 4,000 homeless children in Mongolia's capital are faced with a stark choice: go underground or die
Feb. 9, 2001

Picking Up the Pieces
It took only 45 deadly seconds to reduce Gujarat's towns to rubble, but the task of rebuilding, just beginning in towns like Anjar and Bachhao, will take years
Feb. 6, 2001

The Greatest Show on Earth  This feature contains audio
The Maha Kumbh Mela is, simply, India at its most extraordinary. As Mark Twain commented in Allahabad in 1895, "Pilgrims plodded for months in heat to get here, worn, poor and hungry, but sustained by unwavering faith."
Feb. 2, 2001

People Power Strikes Again  This feature contains audio
John Stanmeyer and capture in sight and sound the dramatic events in Manila that toppled a President
Jan. 23, 2001

Estrada Calls Snap Election
The crisis in Manila deepens as political allies and top military and police officials abandon the embattled Philippines President
Jan. 19, 2001

Taking It to the Streets
The collapse of impeachment proceedings against Philippine President Joseph Estrada sparks massive protests
Jan. 18, 2001

Manila Rocked by Deadly Bombings
At least 22 people died and more than 124 were injured after five bombs ripped through the capital on Dec. 30. What's going on?
Jan. 3, 2001

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