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Archive: 2000
The Best (and Worst) of 2000: Year in Review
When we look back, we'll remember Tiger Woods, Harry Potter and Sydney's Olympic gala
Dec. 15, 2000

Hong Kong: A Day in the Life
Palani Mohan gets behind the glitzy veneer of fast-paced and moneyed Hong Kong
Dec. 8, 2000

The Nongkrem Dance Festival
A riot of color, movement and sound by India's hilltribes
Dec. 4, 2000

Inside Out—New Chinese Art
The world's largest collection of contemporary Chinese art, on display at Hong Kong's Museum of Art, explores the relationship between globalization and local cultural identity in a highly original way
Oct. 24, 2000

Beijing Sports School
Beijing's Shichahai Sports School is where 300 of the nation's best young athletes are groomed for international glory
Oct. 16, 2000

On the Road with Cold Blooded Animal
Deep in the Beijing underground scene, a trio of Shandong rockers rage against the machine
Oct. 16, 2000

The 2000 Olympics
In the fall of 2000, the world came to Sydney — and was treated to an extraordinary spectacle of athletics and passion
Sep. 18, 2000

TIME's Asian Journey 2000: On the Road
From Sapporo, Japan to Surabaya, Indonesia, TIME's reporters traveled the length and breadth of Asia. Check out the photos from this groundbreaking trip:
Sapporo to Surabaya | China's Migrant Workers | Indonesia's Madurese
Aug 14, 2000

Can This Culture Survive?
Political repression and population engineering are radically changing the Tibetan cultural landscape
Jul. 17, 2000

Tibet: Images of a Forgotten Homeland
James Whitlow Delano visited the region to photograph Monlam, the annual spring prayer festival that celebrates the Tibetan New Year
Jul 17, 2000

The 10 Smartest Machines
These whiz-bang doo-dads from Japan are just around the corner; plus, the 5 dumbest head-scratching devices
May 1, 2000

Gusmão! Viva Independencia!
For years Xanana Gusmão led East Timorese against Indonesian rule. Now he's shaping the future of his new nation
Mar. 27, 2000

Indonesian Elections 1999
John Stanmeyer's World Press Photo award-winning photography covering the 1999 Indonesian election
Feb. 21, 2000

The Killing of Joaquim Bernardino Guterres
The moments before and after the murder of an Indonesian protester during East Timor's struggle for independence in 1999
Feb. 21, 2000

Asia's Finest Architecture
Asia has its share of structures that defy the conventional, and many more on the way
Feb. 7, 2000

Shadow Magic
Shadow Magic, playing at this year's Sundance Film Fest, reflects on how Western culture changed China
Jan. 17, 2000

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