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Archive: 2003

Health: Lost Lives
Asia's mental health centers like more prisons than hospitals. Photographer John Stanmeyer takes a closer—and disturbing—look at those suffering in silence
Dec. 19, 2003

China's Secret Plague
An epidemic grows up in Asia's most populous nation
Dec. 11, 2003

Bali: Remembrance Day
One year after the Bali bombings, the island--and the world--pause to mourn those who lost their lives on Oct. 12, 2002
Nov. 08, 2003

10 Indian Films to Treasure
Long before it was called Bollywood, Bombay cinema was making masterpieces. Here's our Bollywood Ten—a starter set of the best in classic Indian movies
Oct. 23, 2003

Bollywood: The Players
In the world's biggest film industry, nobody comes bigger: A portrait of Bollywood's brightest stars
Oct. 20, 2003

Mahathir: The Doctor is Out
As Dr. Mahathir Mohamad prepares to resign as Malaysia’s Prime Minister, TIME takes a look at the nation he leaves behind
Oct. 14, 2003

Arroyo: Following Her Destiny
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is running for re-election, saying she will accept "whatever God has intended." But overcoming the odds might require divine intervention. Behind the scenes with the Philippines' President
Oct. 13, 2003

The Toronto Film Festival
Now in its 28th year, the Toronto fest is North America's biggest showcase for Asian films. A look at some of this year's hottest entries
Oct. 01, 2003

The Three Gorges: Going Under
One of the world's most ambitious public-works projects will soon submerge a vast area of China. James Whitlow Delano photographs the disappearing life on the Yangtze
Aug. 27, 2003

The Asian Journey Home: Time Bends
Photographer Chien-chi Chang returns to his family village for the first time in 30 years to discover the changes time has wrought on his childhood memories | More Photo Essays
Aug. 18, 2003

The Asian Journey Home: River Town Redux
Peter Hessler journeys back to the Yangtze town of Fuling | More Photo Essays
Aug. 18, 2003

The Asian Journey Home: Outside History
Although it's not immune to modern-day influences, life in Mashobra goes on unperturbed by the course of current events | More Photo Essays
Aug. 18, 2003

The Asian Journey Home: An Exile Returns
Coming back to Lahore for his cousin Omer's wedding, Moshin Hamid finds that amid both tradition and change, the most important constant is family | More Photo Essays
Aug. 18, 2003

The Jakarta Hotel Bomb
An explosion rips through a lunchtime crowd, renewing terrorist fears in Indonesia
Aug. 05, 2003

Laos: Welcome to the Jungle
The Hmong rebels of Laos were the CIA's secret army in the Vietnam War. Now they're fighting for their own survival
Jun. 23, 2003

To Live & Die in Karachi
Kidnappings, bombings, extortion — Pakistan's biggest city is a metropolis under siege
Jun. 11, 2003

Operation Aceh
In Aceh province in Indonesia, the killing of children marks the grim beginning of what will be a gruesome war
May. 26, 2003

On Assignment: The SARS Outbreak
TIME's photographers in Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangdong document life in the SARS hot zone
Apr. 18, 2003

Islam in Asia: Under the Crescent
How Islam is lived, practiced and celebrated in Asia. Photographs by John Stanmeyer
Mar. 07, 2003

Gazza Goes to China
Former football great Paul Gascoigne is starting over again, this time at the bottom of China's pro leagues. TIME goes on and off the pitch with the new star of the Lanzhou Flying Horses
Mar. 05, 2003

A Jihadi's Scrapbook
What drives a man to find peace in a holy war? A pictorial pilgrimage through the many lives of Habib Abdurrahman bin Ismail
Mar. 03, 2003

2002: The Year in Pictures
Images of triumphs and tragedies that caught our attention in 2002 both up close and out of this world
Jan. 06, 2003

Don't Turn Away: The Faces of AIDS in Asia
A virus is stalking the continent of Asia, claiming brothers and sisters, mothers and children. In this remarkable photoessay five years in the making, photographer John Stanmeyer puts a human face on the AIDS scourge
Jan. 02, 2003

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