Faith of His Father

George W. Bush gets specific with a plan to fund private charities. Did someone say points of light?

Who Needs a Tax Cut?

We do, say Republicans. Not so fast, say some economists, who would opt to pay down the debt


Get Rich Quick

Japan's stock market is rocket hot. Want in? You should know why many locals are staying out

Speed Deal (To Be Or Not To Be)

Scoring the chances of a Y2K peace agreement


Jobs' Golden Apple

With the new iBook onstage and Toy Story 2 in the wings, Steve Jobs has plenty to smile about




What Glass Ceiling?

Carly Fiorina takes over Hewlett-Packard, becoming the first woman CEO of a Dow 30 firm

The Impresario In Exile

Would-be king of Broadway Garth Drabinsky is now cast as the villain. He says the drama isn't over

The 60-Second Book

A new high-tech publishing technique is creating a literary big bang for America's would-be authors


Dance: Double Vision (The Arts / Dance)

Merce Cunningham melds dance and technology in a dazzling new work

Andy Dick Is Not Afraid (The Arts / Show Business)

Fresh out of rehab, the oddball comedian wants to get right back to freaking people out

Books: Windows into Life (The Arts / Books)

Despite persistent rumors, short stories are far from dead. This summer they're in full bloom

Books: Deep Waters (The Arts / Books)

A first novel catches the current of life's changes


Love for Strangers (Personal Time / Your Family)

Why do we mourn so for J.F.K. Jr. when some of us wouldn't feel the same grief for a relative?

Special Delivery (Personal Time / Your Money)

An IPO from UPS will provide a back-door play on the Internet, but don't overlook rival FedEx

Dream Machine (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Sega's comeback console is about to hit stores. I found it speedy--perhaps a little too speedy


Fresh Water: Let Rivers Run Deep (Heroes For The Planet / Fresh Water)

A forceful band of activists fights to protect the world's waterways from being polluted and exploited


It's All In The Family (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

The Kennedy family business is public life, but it's not just politics anymore

At Your Service (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

A generation ago, the Kennedy clan reigned over America's political landscape. Now the family is becoming known for its private activism more than its traditional politics

Answering The Call (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

All Kennedys share a zeal to serve. But each has chosen a different path John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. GIVING MORE THAN MONEY

The Last Day (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

The final 24 hours of J.F.K. Jr.'s life were a typical whirl for someone used to the limelight. But in that very ordinariness lay the seeds of disaster

Farewell, John (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

A nation and a family mourn and wonder what might have been