Political Malpractice

In taking on HMOs, the Senate produced lots of drama. TIME sorts out what makes sense and what doesn't


Love at First Wonk

Everyone says brainiacs Clinton and Barak are made for each other. But can they cut a peace deal?

The Hot Spot (Here Come The Pols)

Will Gore get burned for nuzzling China?


Out Of the Pictures (Media)

Did the suits win? Warner Bros.' legendary bosses Semel and Daly exit Time Warner


The Ride of His Life

Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong's remarkable showing rejuvenates the troubled Tour de France


Animal Rights (Notebook)

A New Reason for Rabbits To Avoid Foxholes



Television: The Vast Whiteland (The Arts / Television)

Do not adjust your set. It's the big four networks' fall schedule that needs its color contrast fixed

Books: Abracadabra! (The Arts / Books)

J.K. Rowling's magical Harry Potter books have cast a spell on kids around the world


Camp for the Soul (Personal Time / Your Family)

Vacation Bible Schools, enjoying a revival, teach spiritual lessons with popsicle sticks

Time to Trade In? (Personal Time / Your Money)

No, not your car, your auto stocks. Slowing SUV sales might be a sign to sell Detroit, buy Japan

Flawed Gems (Personal Time / Your Technology)

I love the way those tiny new APS cameras look. Too bad they aren't as inviting to use

Beyond Lyme (Personal Time / Your Health)

There's a new tick-borne disease to worry about. Here's what you need to know


Should He Have Flown? (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

Some question whether Kennedy was capable of handling the conditions, and the plane, that night

He Was America's Prince... (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

An Icon Of Both Magic And Grief... Who Flew His Own Course To... ...The Lost Horizon

The Art Of Being JFK Jr. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

Under the burden of fame, he led a life of decency and purpose

Fortune And Misfortune (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

Through fate, folly or the evil of others, the Kennedys have become the first family of pain

In Private and in Public (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

A photo album of the clan whose lives projected America's longings onto a huge screen

JFK Jr.'S Family Tree (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999)

Over four brief generations, a clan prepared itself for greatness, achieved it, and lived with its legacy--all the while experiencing extremes of personal triumph and tragedy