How Bush Got There (The Stem-Cell Decision)

Months of debate--and one lucky break--led to the President's compromise. The inside story

Ecology: Ecosystems Analyst (America's Best / Ecology)

Peter Vitousek studies the entire planet by carefully observing what's happening to Hawaii

Power Broker (America's Best / AIDS Research)

A meeting with AIDS activists at the height of the epidemic galvanized Anthony Fauci. He is now America's most tireless champion of their cause

The Case For David Ho (America's Best)

He is one of the few scientists who still believe it's possible to eradicate HIV with drugs

Paleontology: Fossil Finder (America's Best / Paleontology)

Complex life emerged with a bang 540 million years ago. Andrew Knoll wants to know why

Biomedical Engineering: Drug Deliveryman (America's Best / Biomedical Engineering)

We used to take our medicine by tablespoon. Thanks to Robert Langer's engineering magic, we may someday take it in a chip

Super Surgeon (America's Best / Pediatrics)

Ben Carson has made a specialty of overcoming long odds--in the operating theater and in his life

Genomics: Gene Detective (America's Best / Genomics)

The clever device Patrick Brown developed to screen a lot of DNA at once has turned out to be one of biology's most powerful tools

Cardiology: Heart Mender (America's Best / Cardiology)

After cholesterol, the most important cause of heart attacks is the killer that Paul Ridker identified

Climatology: The Iceman (America's Best / Climatology)

As the globe warms, Lonnie Thompson is climbing the world's high peaks to retrieve ancient ice before it melts away

Astrophysics: Mr. Universe (America's Best / Astrophysics)

His restless intellect has taken David Spergel to the beginning of time and the edge of space--and back again

Human Origins: Man Hunter (America's Best / Human Origins)

What did our earliest ancestors look like? Tim White's discoveries in Ethiopia are filling the gaps in the human family tree

Oncology: Cancer Spotter (America's Best / Oncology)

In cancer, early detection is key. David Sidransky is giving doctors the tools to catch tumors long before symptoms appear

E.O. Wilson (America's Best / Lifetime Achievement Award)

From ants to sociobiology to biodiversity--one of the great careers in 20th century science

Molecular Mechanics: Protein Wizard (America's Best / Molecular Mechanics)

Grasping and tugging molecules, Carlos Bustamante has mastered the esoteric art of teasing life into giving up its tiniest secrets

Cellular Biology: Stem Winder (America's Best / Cellular Biology)

Before James Thomson came along, embryonic stem cells were a researcher's dream. Now they're a political hot potato

Neurobiology: Mind Reader (America's Best / Neurobiology)

The microscope is a pathway to the mind for Patricia Goldman-Rakic, who has spent the past 30 years immersed in the frontal lobe

Cell Death: Life Preserver (America's Best / Cell Death)

With a tiny worm as his guide, H. Robert Horvitz traced a pattern of cell mortality that may be a key to human longevity

Spinal-Cord Research: Nerve Builder (America's Best / Spinal-Cord Research)

In the past, spinal-injury victims lost more than mobility--they lost hope too. Wise Young found a revolutionary way to give back both

America's Best (America's Best)

Who says there are no Einsteins anymore? When it comes to SCIENCE AND MEDICINE, the U.S. is blessed with galaxies of brilliant researchers who are the envy of the world


Europe Goes To Pot

Technically, it is still illegal, but so many cannabis users flout the law that governments opt to go easy



A Nun's Dangerous Talk

The Vatican has banned even discussing female priests. That hasn't stopped Sister Joan Chittister





Satellite Showdown

EchoStar's daring, dueling Charlie Ergen won't let Rupert Murdoch buy DirecTV without a fight


Cinema: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Race (The Arts / Cinema)

Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Lovitz, a cast of dozens and an Airplane! alumnus bring you the summer's funniest movie. But will moviegoers get the joke?


When Kids Fly Solo (Personal Time / Your Family)

Airlines' losing children this summer has parents worried. But it's still safe to let your kids take off alone

How Bond Traders Hold Us Back (Personal Time / Money In Motion)

Why aren't mortage rates falling? Because one group of Wall Streeters insists that things aren't getting worse

A Step or Two Against Diabetes (Personal Time / Your Health)

Daily walks and modest weight loss may help many folks reduce their risk of developing the deadly disease


Peterman Reboots (Time Bonus Section / Your Business)

The quirky catalog owner lost everything, including his name, by overexpanding. Now he's back and plans to get big slowly