In Praise Of Quality

Against the blandness of standardization and mass production, European artisans are bringing new tricks to old crafts. A Time Special Report

Aga Keeps On Cookin'

This kitchen icon may be a bit unwieldy, but after 70 years it's still hot as a pistol

Now We're Cookin

Alessi is adding new materials to its range of stainless steel domestic appliances


The new craftsmen (and women) of Europe

A Kingdom Of Glass

Some of the world's finest crystal is produced deep in the forests of southeastern Sweden

Breaking the Mold

After half a century, Spain's Lladró family is still world-famous for its fine porcelain

The Crystal Palace

Born of fire, with a finish like chiseled ice, Waterford's lead crystalware remains one of Ireland's best-loved exports even after 200 turbulent years

Remaking History

Got a ruined church, palace or public building that needs a facelift? Poland has the experts for the job

Back in the Bottle

More than 50 years after communists took over his family firm, a Czech distiller is once again in the business of making absinthe

Pump Up The Volume

German microbreweries are slaking the country's thirst for traditionally made beer