Moscow: Side Trips


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This is the most exclusive cluster of dachas and estates anywhere in the country. Every important Soviet and Russian leader has been coming here for at least a century. Putin lives in Ruyblyovke and, in fact, forces the cops to shut down traffic on one of Moscow's main arteries every morning as his motorcade races into the city. Like anywhere that's super-elitny, 98% of Ruyblyovke, which is situated a half-hour due west of the city, is about people-watching. Hire a car and go to Priychal ("pier"), the super-plush café nestled along the banks of the Moscow River and the No. 1 eatery in Ruyblyovke. Like every other exclusive and over-the-top place in post-Soviet Moscow, there is no easy way to call up Priychal. Ask your concierge or one of the beautiful girls at any of the overpriced boutiques in the city center. They'll know how to get there.

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