The Five Faces of Barack Obama

When you look at Barack Obama, what do you see? 1. Black Man; 2. Healer; 3. Novice; 4. Radical; 5. The Future; All of the above

Obama on His Veep Thinking

As the Democratic convention looms, the presumptive nominee talks with TIME about choosing a Vice President

Where's Obama's Passion?

The candidate's measured style worked in the spring but hurt him over the summer. In the fall, says Joe Klein, it might just cost him the election

A Working-Class Hero?

Obama needs to win over voters who don't drive hybrids. It could be a long uphill fight


Risky Business in Russia

The war in Georgia and some ugly corporate scandals rattled foreign investors, but many remain intoxicated by Russia's growth prospects


Tivat: The Next Monaco (Montenegro)

A mining billionaire bets that a neglected port on Montenegro's coast can be a playground for the rich


The Moment: Georgia

As Russia pledges to leave Georgia, its reputation abroad has taken a beating


Dance with the Devil (Theatre)

Matthew Bourne turns Dorian Gray into a tale about the perils of fame and beauty


Open House: Exploring Inner Spaces (Design Watch)

For one weekend a year London holds its annual Open House when hundreds of the city's most exciting buildings invite you to step inside

Chez de Niro (Check In)

Robert de Niro's new Greenwich hotel has all the makings of a blockbuster


Capitalism 2.0 (Inbox)

Gratit-E.U.-de; Star Quality; Let the Games Begin; Beijing's Obstacle Course