The Five Faces Of Barack Obama (Campaign '08)

When you look at Barack Obama, what do you see? 1. Black Man; 2. Healer; 3. Novice; 4. Radical; 5. The Future; All of the above

Obama on His Veep Thinking (Interview)

As the Democratic Convention looms, the presumptive nominee talks with TIME about choosing a Vice President


The State of Afghanistan (Interview)

In an exclusive interview, Afghan President Hamid Karzai talks about how far his embattled country has come — and how far it still has to go

Postcard: New Delhi

Protesters come from across the country to make their voices heard in the capital's only designated free-speech zone. A tour of India's uneasiest street


High Voltage (Sport)

At the Beijing Olympics, a flamboyant sprinter named Bolt proves emphatically that lightning really can strike twice



The Way of Sa (Music)

Never heard of Sa Dingding and her Buddhist electronica? It's time you were enlightened

Meet the Press (Books)

Forget the stereotypes. A new book offers a warm, frank and realistic depiction of Chinese journalists

Medical Breakthrough (Books)

Vincent Lam's profession inspires a brilliant and emotive short-story debut


End of a Beginning

Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf has faded away, but not the country's many troubles


Open House: Exploring Inner Spaces (Design Watch)

For one weekend a year London holds its annual Open House when hundreds of the city's most exciting buildings invite you to step inside

Chez de Niro (Check In)

Robert de Niro's new Greenwich hotel has all the makings of a blockbuster