The Five Faces of Barack Obama (Cover Story)

Black man. Healer. Novice. Radical. The future. The candidate is different things to different people. One is his key to victory

Obama on His Veep Thinking (The Well / The Democrats)

As the Democratic Convention looms, the presumptive nominee talks with TIME about choosing a Vice President

At HQ (The Well / The Democrats)

The collegial gang around Obama has a rule: 'No drama'

The Family Obama (The Well / The Democrats)

With roots in Kansas, Kenya and beyond, the candidate is a genealogist's fantasy

The Hotshots to Watch (The Democrats)

You may not know all these up-and-coming Democrats yet. You soon will

The Dems' Really Young Guns (The Well)

Barack Obama has energized the party's twentysomethings. And those under 20? They're nuts about him

Nothing Unique About It (Commentary)

A new generation of African-American leaders is stepping up. Obama is just the best known


A Super Political Team

Our correspondents, writers, commentators and bloggers will be at your service on the convention floor and all over Denver


The Road to Denver (The Page)

An incomplete history of Barack Obama's path to the Democratic nomination


Where's Obama's Passion? (Commentary / In the Arena)

His style worked in the spring but hurt him over the summer. In the fall, says Joe Klein, it might cost Obama the election

Raising the Stakes at the Olympics (Commentary / The Awesome Column)

The vaunted Olympic spirit is terrible for competition. What we need, says Joel Stein, are some anti-medals, and a new scoring system


The Snore Wars (Fit Nation)

That rumbling can put your health, sanity and marriage at risk. Here's what you can do


Orlando for Grownups (Life / Travel)

Forget Cinderella Castle. With kids back in school, this city shows its mature side


Should You Become a Co-Ho? (Life / Real Estate)

That is, a communal homeowner. The ups and downs of buying a house with friends. Is it financial insanity?


Haiku Nation (Life / Geek Chic)

Words few, hard-hitting. So participatory. Mini-lit is hot

Soul Survivors (Movies)

A stirring new film reveals the heroism of Katrina's victims


Turning Over a New Leaf (Pursuits / Travel)

Tea lovers in search of the perfect brew are combing the globe from Malaysia to India and China