The Science of Romance: Why We Love (Cover Story / The Science of Romance)

Breeding is easy, but survival requires romance too. How our brains, bodies and senses help us find it

The Science of Romance: Why We Flirt (The Science Of Romance / Flirting)

That smile! That glance! That rapt attention! We flirt even when we don't need to. And that can be good


Famous Couples

A gallery of some of the twentieth century's great romances

Wildly in Love

A collection of amorous animals with illustrations for TIME by Dugald Stermer

Star Pairs (The Science Of Romance / Couples)

Celebrities in love are just like the rest of us--except in all the ways they aren't. That explains why we can't look away

Marry Me (The Science Of Romance / Marriage)

Say yes, and you're in for more than love, children and a home. Better health and a longer life are part of the deal

Are Gay Relationships Different? (The Science Of Romance / Gay Marriage)

Why gay couples have more equality and less tension at home--but still split up more often than straight pairs

Crazy Love (The Science Of Romance / Derangement)

Our partners may be obsessive, possessive, even dangerous. There's a reason we stick around--often at our own peril

Love Letters (The Science Of Romance / Letters)

A peek at what real people write when they're falling in love

We Just Clicked (The Science Of Romance / Matchmaking)

Online matchmaking sites in the U.S. are eyeing millions of singles in China, India and beyond. Will love translate?

Wildly In Love (The Science Of Romance / Animals)

Humans aren't alone. Romance appears to roam among animals too

Young Love (The Science Of Romance / Young Love)

Romance is a grand pageant. Your debut may not come until you're in your teens, but you spend a childhood rehearsing

Romance Is An Illusion (The Science Of Romance / Essay)

Could something that feels so real be a mere trick of the mind? Sure, when the survival of the species is at stake


Mind/Body Issue

Romance makes us giddy—or flat-out crazy. Our science team breaks down the chemical, sociological and evolutionary reasons


Strange Peace (The Moment)

Why Bush's Middle East mission included arms deals and tough talk


Can the Economy Save Mitt Romney? (The Well / Campaign '08)

Against Michigan's economically sullen landscape, the GOP candidate found his footing. Can he sustain his bounce?

Breaking Down the Black Vote (The Well / Campaign '08)

After squabbling over race and civil rights, Clinton and Obama finally call a truce. But as the Democrats head into South Carolina, each will have to find a way to win over black voters

The Right Shade of Black (Campaign '08)

Some black leaders want Obama to prove his racial loyalty. But his eyes should be on a bigger prize


The Gladiator Problem (In The Arena)

McCain has staked his career on talking straight. But this year voters want details too

Cool Running

It's a miracle that double amputee Oscar Pistorius can compete. Is it also unfair?

Rethinking Iran (The Well / Commentary)

The U.S. needs a sustainable policy for dealing with the Islamic republic. Here's what it would look like


Afghanistan's Girl Gap (The Well / World)

Women can be elected to parliament, but six years after the fall of the Taliban less than 30% of girls are enrolled in schools. Their absence could be Afghanistan's next crisis

Kentucky Fried Rice (The Well / World)

Yum Brands' expansion into China shows that in the global economy, it's not what you sell but how you sell it

Postcard: Managua (Postcard: Managua)

Forget civil war. The next big challenge here is how to get anywhere in a city without street names or addresses. Navigating the nameless roads of Nicaragua's capital


A New Blueprint for Levittown (Life: Living - Religion - Going Green / Going Green)

It was America's original suburb. Now it is aiming to become a model of environmental innovation


The Rites of Recession (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

It may already be upon us, and it could be painful. But it's not the biggest economic issue in town

The Savior of Countrywide? (Profile)

Kenneth Lewis brought calm to the rattled financial industry by agreeing to take over Countrywide. But he doesn't want to save banking — just dominate it


Downsizing Style (Life: Living - Religion - Going Green / Fashion)

Why kids are the latest consumers of pricey designer clothing and accessories

Your Own Personal Paparazzi (Life: Living - Religion - Going Green / Living)

Want to feel like a celebrity? Just hire people to follow and photograph you for a night


Apocalypse New (Arts: Culture - Books - Downtime / Culture)

From The Road to I Am Legend to Cloverfield: why we can't wait for the end of the world

King's New Realm (Arts: Culture - Books - Downtime / Books)

He's moved to Florida part-time. Can the horror writer put a chilly spin on the Sunshine State?

Jesus Christ's Superstar (Arts: Culture - Books - Downtime / Tuned In)

Whereas past Evangelicals have railed against pop culture, Mike Huckabee glories in it. But can his act cross over?