The Voters' Revenge (Cover Story / The Well)

Left for dead by the experts, Hillary Clinton and John McCain ride a record turnout to victory in New Hampshire. Here's what's next in a campaign whose only certainty is uncertainty

Fight for the Party Faithful (The Well / Campaign '08)

The Baptist-heavy state that derailed McCain in 2000 is swooning over Pastor Huckabee


Flipping the Script (The Well / Tuned In)

Late-night talk has returned just in time for the campaign. But some of the rules have changed


How Hillary Learned to Trust Herself (In The Arena)

Shedding her private dismay that she's not the most charismatic candidate, Clinton allowed her humor--and anger--to peek through

McCain's Independent Streak (The Well / Commentary)

The GOP needs swing voters to keep the White House. Only one candidate can win them

Extreme Eating

Our reporter goes global — actually, just to Whole Foods — in search of the perfect meal


Our Campaign Staff

Meet the writers, editors and bloggers who bring you TIME's nonpareil—and nonstop—coverage of the election


Clemens in a Jam. (The Moment)

Implicated in doping by an old friend, a fastballer fires back


The Demons That Still Haunt Africa (The Well / World)

Violence in Kenya, one of its most stable nations, shows that the continent's old ills--poverty, corruption, tribalism--are far from cured

Postcard: Pakistan (Postcard: Pakistan)

It's a wonderful destination, if you don't mind the rioting, looting and general mayhem. Our correspondent gives his tips to the ever hopeful Ministry of Tourism


Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back (Life: Technology - Living - Health / Technology)

Flashy new discs and that old cozy sound have got the iPod generation giving LPs a spin

Diapers Go Green (Life: Technology - Living - Health / Living)

Eco-friendly and cost-conscious parents are returning to cloth to cover their babies' bottoms

Calorie Countdown (Life: Technology - Living - Health / Health)

It must be January, since everyone is on a diet. Ten books that claim to have the skinny on shedding pounds


Lumps In the Cosmos (The Well / Science)

Something happened eons ago to turn the sea of particles that was the universe into the starry place it is now. New evidence offers clues


Performances to Watch (Movies)

This year's awards season will be downsized, but don't let that stop you from catching these outsize acts of skill

Downtime (Arts: Movies - Tuned In - Downtime / Downtime)


Airing Out Beijing (China)

China's capital has made progress against pollution, but its Olympian effort still might leave some gasping