Diapers Go Green

Eco-friendly and cost-conscious parents are returning to cloth to cover their babies' bottoms

Mei Tao for TIME

A Happy Heiny's cloth diaper boasts several features that promise to keep babies drier and parents happier

Most reasonable people want to do one thing with a dirty diaper: get rid of it. Which largely explains why disposable diapers have become a roughly $5.7 billion business. So it may come as a surprise to learn that cloth diapering is making a comeback.

But the new cloth diapers are different from the ones that your grandma struggled to get around her baby's bottom. While approximately half of cloth users still rely on fold-and-pin diapers provided by laundry services, new designs with cutesy names like Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius, Kissaluvs and Happy Heinys that are made to be washed at home...