A Tale Of Three Cities (World Economic Forum)

Linked by a shared economic culture, New York City, London and Hong Kong are exemplars and explanations of globalization. And with a possible U.S. recession looming on the eve of this year's Davos, it's good to remember these are places that have weathered tough times before

Culture Club (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Wall Street typically gets the credit, but New York City is powered by more than finance. A sprawling arts scene is part of a creative economy that increasingly defines the Big Apple

Ritzy Business (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Rich foreigners are flooding into classy London neighborhoods. Is the city losing its British accent?

Beijing's Brokers (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Long a gateway to China, cosmopolitan Hong Kong is now becoming a critical channel for growing Chinese investment in the global economy


Postcard: Beijing

Gays in China no longer need to lead an underground life, but it's still best to keep a low profile. The operative policy is don't advertise yourself and don't ask for approval



Asian Acts to Watch in 2008 (Music)

The region's music is fresher than ever. If you haven't checked out these artists yet, you'll be doing so soon


Mart and Craft (Curtain Raiser)

Surajkund offers culture, food and enough handicraft stalls to satiate the most die-hard shopper

Here Be Dragons (TIME Traveler)

Walk among the carnivorous lizards at Indonesia's eco-tourism hot spot, Komodo

The Great Pyramid (Check In)

Raffles' latest venture lends Dubai some low-key high class

On Location (Day Tripper)

Lots of movies have been made in Catalina, but some visitors prefer its offscreen character