Your Own Personal Paparazzi

Want to feel like a celebrity? Just hire people to follow and photograph you for a night

Illustration by Gary Taxali for TIME

Vaz, left, paid for a media entourage to follow him and his fiancÚ and create a faux tabloid as a souvenir of the event

Struan Vaz and Paige Hill emerged from a performance of the Nutcracker by Ballet Austin last month and were assaulted by photographers and reporters who pursued them for several blocks, snapping shots and asking personal questions. Amid the blinding flashbulbs and rapid-fire interrogation, the pair held their composure, but the attention overwhelmed them a little. "A couple of times, Paige tried to run away," says Tania Cowher, one of the paparazzi on the scene that night in the Texas capital, "so we ran along with her." They chased the couple all the way to the nightclub Qua, where Vaz and Hill...