A Tale Of Three Cities (World Economic Forum)

Linked by a shared economic culture, New York City, London and Hong Kong are exemplars and explanations of globalization. And with a possible U.S. recession looming on the eve of this year's Davos, it's good to remember these are places that have weathered tough times before

Culture Club (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Wall Street typically gets the credit, but New York City is powered by more than finance. A sprawling arts scene is part of a creative economy that increasingly defines the Big Apple

Ritzy Business (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Rich foreigners are flooding into classy London neighborhoods. Is the city losing its British accent?

Beijing's Brokers (World Economic Forum | Global Cities)

Long a gateway to China, cosmopolitan Hong Kong is now becoming a critical channel for growing Chinese investment in the global economy


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Jitters about the economy deliver a victory to Mitt Romney in Michigan. Why pocketbook issues will dominate the race ahead



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Six years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan's girls are still fighting for an education. Here's what they need


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Can a Kentucky fast-food company bring Chinese food to China--and tacos to Mexico? Why not? Call it the "glocalization" of cuisine


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From The Road to I Am Legend to Cloverfield: why we can't wait for the end of the world