Campaign 2000: Debate Mind Games (Campaign 2000)

Bush can stay focused and deflect attacks; Gore knows his stuff and can expose holes in an opponent's plan. Don't underestimate either one

Campaign 2000: Who's Right About Oil? (Campaign 2000)

Gore said tap the emergency reserve to show he takes the side of the little guy. Bush yelled, Pander! But can a pander also be smart policy?

Homicide In The Sky

The death of an unruly Southwest Airlines passenger remains a mystery. Was it mob justice?


Showdown In Peru

Rocked by a graft scandal, Fujimori calls new elections and vows to clean house. But will he do it?

The Stolen Generation

Aborigines taken from their families in the name of assimilation seek an apology from white Australia




High Flyers (The Summer Olympics)

Two different athletes, two different styles, one result: Marion Jones and Maurice Greene are the fastest in the world

Lenny Krayzelburg (The Summer Olympics)

The Ukrainian-born backstroker takes three golds, showing the Aussies who rules the pool


Meet the Napster

Shawn Fanning was 18 when he wrote the code that changed the world. His fate, and ours, is now in the court's hands

A Crisis of Content

It's not just pop music. Every industry that trades in intellectual property--from publishing to needlework patterns--could get Napsterized


Ewe Win (Notebook Goes To The Olympics)

You Lose (Notebook Goes To The Olympics)


Exile On Main Street (Essay)

Nobody knows you when you're barefoot and cold and wrapped in blue plastic


Is This Vehicle Safe?

As the death toll mounts, the Firestone-tire investigation is turning into a referendum on SUVs

Crimes And Misdeminors

A teenager shows how easily stocks can be manipulated and how hard it is to get away with it. So why are so many hailing him as a genius?


Television: 2020 Vision (The Arts / Television)

James Cameron's Dark Angel unveils a new action babe and a hip-hop sci-fi setting

Cinema: Her Fighting Chance (The Arts / Cinema)

Michelle Rodriguez was an extra two years ago. The boxing drama Girlfight could make her a star

Alabama Modern (The Arts / Architecture)

Samuel Mockbee creates homes for the poor that are cheap, practical--and unconventionally beautiful

Books: Blood, Sweat and Guile (The Arts / Books)

Stephen Ambrose salutes the financiers, engineers and laborers who built the transcontinental railroad

Building Big (The Arts / Short Takes)

PBS, Tuesdays, 8 p.m. E.T.

Design (The Arts / Short Takes)

Books: Misguided (The Arts / Books)

The story of a map thief takes too many detours


Kids And Politics (Personal Time / Your Family)

Are yours ignoring the election? There's a trick to raising children who care about civic affairs

Buyback Baloney (Personal Time / Your Money)

Not all stock repurchases are bullish. Some add too much doubt or simply offset options plans

Life In DSL Hell (Personal Time / Your Technology)

I ordered a high-speed Internet phone line. It arrived last week, after six months of torture

Hard Knocks (Personal Time / Your Health)

Concussions and other head injuries are no laughing matter. New guidelines for parents