The Long Way Home

In the rubble of the government's case against nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, no one looks good. Why did the prosecution turn into such a fiasco?

Profiles In Outrage

America is home, but Asian Americans sometimes feel treated as outlanders with unproven loyalties

Throwing The Game (Big Money & Politics / Who Gets Hurt?)

Why Congress isn't closing a loophole that fosters gambling on college sports--and corrupts them


Over A Barrel

Fed up with soaring gas prices, Europeans revolt, blockading their own supplies


His Name Is Aurora (Behavior)

When a boy is raised as a girl, an Ohio suburb is suddenly in the throes of transgender politics

Should You Stay Together For The Kids? (Divorce / The Debate)

A controversial book argues that the damage from divorce is serious and lasting, but many argue that the remedy of parents staying hitched is worse than the ailment


Liz Outs Self! (Sorta!)

An autobiography from the gossip queen serves up a lot of memories but not nearly enough dish


A Big Splash In Sydney (The Summer Olympics)

The Games have begun, bubbling to life with a spectacular showing by the home team and home city




The World According To Gore (The Arts / Show Business)

A new novel concludes the old provocateur's rewrite of U.S. history, and a revived play keeps his political thrusts fresh

Music: Places in the Heart (The Arts / Music)

On his new CD, jazz pianist Brad Mehldau takes listeners on a global tour of his world-class talent

Books: Four Play (The Arts / Books)

More tales about sex and the city but a lot less witty


The Nit Detector (Personal Time / Your Family)

When your child brings lice home from school, act quickly--and don't forget to nitpick

Playing It Slow (Personal Time / Your Money)

The economy's cooling, so bonds are hot. But hold your stocks--unless you see a recession

10-4, Good Buddy (Personal Time / Your Technology)

With no monthly or per-call charges, two-way radios can be handy alternatives to cell phones

Seize The Moment (Personal Time / Your Health)

Seizures are scary--and serious. New guidelines suggest what to do when your child has one


What's The Difference? (Time Select / Global Business)

The boom would keep bubbling under either Gore's or Bush's program, say TIME's economists, even if neither one is ideal

Hooray For R. and D. (Time Select / Politics and Small Business)

It's time to make a popular and effective tax credit permanent

Thailand's Big Cheese (Time Select / Americans Abroad)

After making a fortune in the Asian pizza business, Yankee-born entrepreneur Bill Heinecke is throwing pies at a U.S. food giant

Cleanup Time (Time Select / Global Business)

A lot of European tax havens are under increasing international pressure to change rules that foster money laundering

A Gem Of A New Strategy (Time Select / Global Business)

After a 60-year effort to hoard every diamond on Earth, De Beers decides to open the market and clean up its act

Where Sci-Fi Meets The Net (Time Select / Global Business)

British author Douglas Adams has sold millions of books about an intergalactic travel guide. Now he's building a terrestrial model

Discordant Themes (Time Select / Global Business)

World-class exhibitions are failing this year on a world- class scale, while a Volkswagen park is a surprise hit. Why?

Play Of The Day (Time Select / Global Business)

Fostering employee loyalty in a tight labor market, companies are offering workers personal coaches as a tool to help them thrive