Way of the Cross (Cover | The Easter Story)

Mel Gibson's blockbuster film — The Passion — has reignited a centuries-old Christian debate about the reasons behind Jesus' sacrifice: Why did he have to die?


Fear Factor (Europe | War on Terror)

Dramatic raids by British and Spanish police thwart suspected terror plots, but provide a grim reminder that the threat is still real

Terror Comes to Tashkent (The War On Terror | Letter From Uzbekistan)

Suicide bombers and guerrilla fighters strike the Uzbek capital


Children Of The Revolution (The Real New Europe)

Central and Eastern Europe's post-1989 generation takes center stage as the E.U. gets ready for enlargement in May

The Homecoming (The Real New Europe | Viewpoint)

To young poeple in the new joing states the E.U. is more than an economic club, says Josef Joffe


Amuse Bouche (Global Adviser | New Europe)

Let's Hear It For Carbohydrates

Style Watch (Global Adviser | Fashion)

Poland's racy. lacy secret

Art on the Danube (Global Adviser | Dossier)

How a Van Gogh devotee opened Central Europe's most exciting new gallery


An Awkward Silence (Notebook | Italy)

No-one wants to discuss Umberto Bossi's succession

Biz Watch (Notebook)

You've Got Google; Khodorkovsky Speaks

World Watch (Notebook)

Afghanistan's Shopping List; Catching Up with ETA; Viagra Votes