Religion: Why Did Jesus Die? (Cover Story / Religion)

Mel Gibson's movie has thrust this powerful question back at the center of Holy Week.


Abduction Overruled

A Wisconsin college student apparently faked her own kidnapping. Was the hoax a cry for help?


Prepare To Evacuate

Ariel Sharon wants to pull out of Gaza, but a bribery scandal could force him from office first

Into The Cauldron

The murder of four American civilians in Fallujah provokes a vow of retaliation. But can anything defuse the rage in Iraq?



Steal This Column!

Sure, borrowing and fabricating are a crime, but not for us opinion peddlers


Trump's Reality Woes

He does the firing, but his battered casino empire suggests he's a better pitchman than manager

One Angry Man

A juror gives an inside account of why the Tyco trial fell apart

Plasma's Bright Future

Flat-panel TVs are the new must-have gadgets, and they're channeling big dollars to retailers


Music: Ready for His New Evolution (Music)

After a decade spent tending almost only to his faithful, Prince has had a revelation. He's supposed to be a rock-'n'-roll star

Books: An Ultimate Insider (Books)

Joe Califano served under three Presidents, knows lots of secrets, and helped the U.S. try to kill Castro


Wearing la Vida Loca (Lifestyle)

Latin clothing lines are courting crossover fans in malls everywhere

Health: Who Needs Shots? (Health)

A lot of parents are still choosing not to vaccinate their babies. But at what risk?


The New Family Album (Time Bonus Section April 2004: Connections)

More parents are using online blogs to share photos, memories, gripes and advice with friends--and strangers

The Smell of Clean (Time Bonus Section April 2004: Connections)

A high-end housekeeping trend combines cleaning with aromatherapy

Body & Mind: Taking Back Control (Time Bonus Section April 2004: Connections / Body & Mind)

Millions of women suffer from stress incontinence. Overcoming shame is the first step to recovery

Conversation: Oh, Brother! (Time Bonus Section April 2004: Connections / Conversation)

Sociologist Dalton Conley takes a hard look at sibling inequality