Why Did Jesus Have to Die? (Cover Story)

As Easter arrives and millions still flock to see The Passion, the reasons behind his sacrifice are debated anew


State Of Disgrace

Bangladesh is reeling from violence, corruption and political turmoil. Inside Asia's most dysfunctional country


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How a Van Gogh devotee opened Central Europe's most exciting new gallery

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Here Comes The Sun

After years of gloom, Japan's economy is finally blossoming. And this time the recovery seems for real


Democracy In Action (Notebook | Indonesia)

Voters gear up for the biggest single-day election in history

Mother Courage (Notebook | China)

Parents and widows of Tiananmen victims speak out against the Chinese governmentbut not without risk

Longing To Litigate (Notebook | Japan)

Faced with a dearth of lawyers, Japan opens the floodgates with 68 new law schools

Playing Bad Guy (Notebook)

Action star Jackie Chan's comments on Taiwan's elections provoke ire on the island

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Remembering Alistair Cooke

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