Can the U.S. Get Out? (Cover | State of Siege)

The deadline for handing over control is in jeopardy as warring factions come together to oppose the Americans


Terror's Tracks (Europe | War On Terror)

Police across Europe try to make the pieces fit


A New Tunnel Vision (Business | Eurotunnel)

Can Eurotunnel's colorful new bosses turn this train around?


Bizwatch (Notebook)

Reining in Net Gamblers; Euro Zone Warnings;

World Watch (Notebook)

Cyprus: Divided They Stand; Russia: Open Source Spy; Algeria: Political Landslide;


Words of Change (Global Adviser | Long Haul)

South African writers you can't put down

A Window on the World (Global Adviser | Diversions)

For a snapshot of South Africa's past and present, take a township tour

Say What? (GLobal Adviser | Local Lexicon)

South Africa is a nation of many mother tounges. A brief guide

A Fusion of Flavors (Global Adviser | Amuse-Bouche)

The country's rich cultural mix means that dinnertime is never a dull affair

Sights And Sounds (Global Adviser | Dossier)

Visitors are being tempted back to Johannesburg's theater and restaurant district


Smile, Beloved Country (Special Report | South Africa)

A decade after the end of apartheid, South Africa has a spring in its step — and severe problems. A TIME special report

The Lion In Winter (South Africa | Mandela)

What happens to the revolution after the father of the new South Africa leaves the stage?

Under the Rainbow (South Africa | Homes)

The street where young Mandela lived is a microcosm of the nation's problems

Deadly Denial (South Africa | AIDS)

Ignorance and inaction allow AIDS and HIV to flourish in South Africa

How Far Have We Come? (South Africa | Viewpoint)

The new South Africa has gains and failures, says Ferial Haffajee

That's Kwaito Style (South Africa | Style)

Postapartheid music and fashion steeped in the township vibe

Learning to Let Go (South Africa | The Afrikaners)

A troubled minority of Afrikaners still clings to the past


Playing With Fire (Road To AThens | The Olympic Torch)

How TIME's Kate Noble became a torch bearer for the Athens Olympics