Iraq: No Easy Options (Cover Story)

An eruption of Iraqi insurgency tests U.S. resolve and plays havoc with plans to hand over control. How will President Bush respond? Here are three scenarios

Should Asia Quit Iraq?

A hostage crisis has underscored the dangers of supporting the U.S. in Iraq. Should Asian nations pull out?


Is The KMT All Washed Up?

Embroiled in an unseemly feud over its election defeat, short on cash and out of touch with voters, the island's once dominant Kuomintang party is unraveling

Uncommon Brilliance (Business)

Buying a diamond ring? Chances are it was cut and polished in the Indian city of Surat, which has emerged as a dominant, low-cost player in the global diamond trade


A Jumble of Stereotypes (Arts/Cinema)

In an Australian comedy about straights going gay, Paul Hogan camps it up without subtlety or mirth