New Hope For Cancer

This little pill targets cancer cells with uncanny precision. Is it the breakthrough we've been waiting for?

Cancer Drugs

Information on what cancer drugs are available now and what drugs are in the pipeline

TIME Covers Cancer

A look back in TIME: Stories that chronicle the past decade of research into a cure


Silvio's Second Round

He conducted his campaign under a cloud of allegations, but Berlusconi emerges victorious to lead Italy

Thanks, But No Thanks

Snubbing terrorists and Spanish central power, the Basque region votes for moderate nationalism

Fall from Grace

Once a rare multiethnic success story, Macedonia now looks like a tinder-box

The Mediating Man

TIME Exclusive: Former U.S. senator and arch mediator George Mitchell discusses his role in the Mideast




Nip and Tuck Trade

Europe's burgeoning cosmetic surgery industry is no longer just for the rich


Vanishing Tribe

Despite centuries of harmony, Morocco's Jewish communities are an endangered species

The King and I (Young Japan)

Religious tolerance in Morocco extends all the way up


Ever Alluring

Cleopatra could draw the crowds in ancient Rome. Now she's turning on her seductive charm in London

Whaddaya Looking at?

A refreshing new style of ethnocomedy is tickling, and maybe bonding, Germans and foreigners

Charlotte, Get a Life!

A ghostwritten autobiography of child soprano Charlotte Church strikes all the wrong chords


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