Battle of Hastings

As the Tories try to wrest an improbable victory from Tony Blair on June 7, they cannot afford to lose this seaside seat

Sitting Ducks

Violence in the Balkans spreads as Russian troops in Kosovo become prime targets of Albanian rebels

Freemasonry's Flack

The secret society has hired a public relations man in Britain to promote a kinder, less sinister image


Having the Last Laugh

A wise-cracking article may have triggered the arrest of a leading Egyptian human rights activist


The Rebel Driving Ford

First he barged into the chairman's job. Now Bill Ford is pushing a green industrial revolution. Is this any way for an heir to behave?

A Better Package Deal?

Germany's Green Dot—a symbol of success in the recycling business—runs foul of E.U. monopoly laws

Made to Measure

Popular Spanish fashion group Inditex targets a new market: investors


Marathon Man

Peter Hall has brought John Barton's epic saga of the Trojan War to the London stage, but one casualty has been their 50-year friendship

Absolutely Fabulous

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film about a girl determined to do good is charming hearts and making a bundle


World Watch (Notebook)

This week's news from across the globe