New Hope For Cancer

This little pill targets cancer cells with uncanny precision. Is it the breakthrough we've been waiting for?


Harmony in a Unified Cosmos (Innovators)

Critics and fans alike consider Don Byron the world's best clarinettist and also recognize his unique musical aesthetic

Going Deep After Napster (Innovators)

Johnny Deep made AOL's Instant Messenger completely private...and made it possible to trade music in private over IM

Postmodern Country Songs (Innovators)

Some of the best players around, the youngsters of Nickel Creek are regarded as both blugrass revivalists and "newgrass" innovators

In Fantasy's Loop (Innovators)

Video game fanatics look to Nobuo Uematsu to deliver rich and complex music that can stand up to the constant repetition

Now Every Night He Saves a DJ's Life (Innovators)

Director of the highly regarded documentary Battle Sounds, John Carluccio is developing turntablist transcription methodology, a system he calls TTM, that will make it possible for DJs to copyright their compositions



Grief From Glitter

Amid the political chaos of Indonesia, a new kind of horror is spawned in Sulawesi's gold rush

The Grooviest Guv

There's little the public doesn't know about Nagano's rebel Governorexcept whether he, or anyone, can change Japan