We Have Contact

In this special report, TIME asks: Is interactive technology uniting the world, or pushing us apart?


Dialing for Dollars

Cash is so passé. Charge cards? Totally retro. Coming soon: a swipe of an e-money cell phone will let you shop 'til your battery dies

Roll the Credits

Want to make a hit film Korea-style? Give online fans a piece of the action and then send them out to promote their investment

Bidding for Greatness

Almost alone among dotcoms, eBay figured out how to make interactivity profitable. Want to buy a stuffed rattlesnake?

Death of a Salesman

When you watch TV in the future, it will be selecting commercials targeted especially for you. Welcome to the future of advertising



The Best of the Web

A guide to intelligent interaction, featuring 40 sites you've (probably) never heard of

Watch and Wear

What's smaller than a hat, heavier than a revolver and poses no danger to Armani? A computer that gives new meaning to gear head

Brain Power

In the brave new world of technology, we may soon be able to control distant objects just by thought

File It Under Sharing

Unlike Napster, the latest peer-to-peer innovations can access anything without giving foes a target to shut down or sue

High Fidelity

The latest digital enhancements in the audio lab are setting a new tone for sound

Hands On

You may be able to feel it but that doesn't mean it's real


Crouching Lizard

Step aside, Pikachu. The 'King of Games' has stolen your crown in Japan and is poised to conquer America

Coming Soon: Me TV

Want to be in showbiz? Soon you'll be able to design the set, write the plot and compose the tunes — without leaving home

Couch Potato Blight

Want to veg out in front of the boob tube? In this multitasking age, forget about it

The Sounds of Science

With music mixing as easy as logging on to a website and typing on a keyboard, everyone is getting into the act

Where Does Fantasy End?

Why all of South Korea is obsessed with an online game where ordinary folks can be arms dealers, murderers ... and elves

101 Pixels of Fun

They can murmur sweet nothings and read your e-mails, too. Is it time to get up close and personal with your hardware?

E-books E-merge

One prize-worthy novel couldn't get printed. Enter online publishing


Simplifying (?) Our Lives (Living)

Talk to your thermostat, surf from the toilet, phone your fridge. And while you're at it, could you fix me a sandwich?

This New Home (Living)

What's it like living in a wired home? One Singapore couple is finding that gadgets are great but it's still nice to feel the fruit

Somebody's Watching Me (Living)

My inner stalker loves GPS. My inner Shaggy's a little paranoid. Maybe those satellites should stick to tracking missiles

Well, Hello, Dolly (Love & Sex)

For some people, dating is a hassle and getting married just plain scary. Could the ultimate companion come shipped in a box?

Fjording Ahead (Living)

Overnight, the sleepy Norwegian outpost of Modalen became wired

Dating Game (Love & Sex)

Looking for Prince Charming? In Japan, check your cell phone


Boycott the Daily Me! (Politics)

Yes, the Net is empowering. But it also encourages extremism — and that's bad for democracy

Getting Out the Message (Politics)

Technology is tipping the political balance away from the state and toward activists who can now mobilize instantly

Protecting the Private I (Ethics)

Big Brother is watching the Net. Do you know how much he knows about you? Do you care?

The Write Stuff (Future)

Still hanging on to your Bic? This new technology will let you use pen and ink and be digital, too

A Day in My Life, 2025 (Future)

My wife's a hologram, my boss is buggy and my virtual analyst doesn't understand me


High-wired Mountain Act (Sport)

High-altitude climbing is a challenging spectator sport, but thanks to technology it's gaining popularity. That may not be good news


Doctor's Little Helper

Robotic devices aren't cutting surgeons out of a job just yet, but they are lending an extra hand, making operations easier



Bridging the Gap

Is technology relevant? Ask a wheelchair-bound ham operator, poor Indian farmers and an expat son worried about his ill dad

We're All Cyberlab Rats

Anthropologists have deserted the bush to study modern techno-man and how he's adapting to a world of wild gadgets

Wired, But a Bit Worried

Will interactivity improve our lives? TIME's readers praise easy communication and openness but think we should slow down