We Have Contact

In this special report, TIME asks: Is interactive technology uniting the world, or pushing us apart?

Simplifying (?) Our Lives

Talk to your thermostat, surf from the toilet, phone your fridge. And while you're at it, could you fix me a sandwich?

Bridging the Gap

Is technology relevant? Ask a wheelchair-bound ham operator, poor Indian farmers and an expat son worried about his ill dad


Will the Center Hold?

A bill to grant the island of Corsica more autonomy could weaken France's centralized political system


The Big Score?

Alcatel's pursuit of beleaguered Lucent is the latest surprising move by the French telecom's ambitious CEO

On The Right Course

Poland's shipyards are leading a second revolution as the country's marine construction steams ahead


Canned Heat

The stars didn't shine at this year's fest, but some of the films did — from steamy sadomasochism to warm family dramas

Pathway to the Stars

Four centuries after being expelled by astronomy, astrology reapplies for a place in university life


World Watch (Notebook)

This week's news, from around the world