Taking a Leap of Faith

Gore joins the choir, saying that faith has a role in public life. How did the idea go mainstream?

The Next Cold War? (The Cox Report / The Fallout)

The Cox report hypes the China danger, but the rivalry is real and growing. What should America do about it?

When Companies Leak (The Cox Report / America's Salesmen)

Is China's military the biggest winner from the boom in trade with U.S. technology firms?




The Joy Of Soy (Health)

Worried about high cholesterol? This versatile bean may be just what the doctor ordered


Back to the Yarmulke...

In a radical decision, Reform Jews embrace some religious rituals that were once shunned as archaic


Knicks' Shooting Spree

Thanks to the redeemed Latrell Sprewell, the eighth-seeded Knicks face the disciplined Pacers--again


Microsoft (Notebook)

Gates' Favorite Geek Walks Out the Door

And Finally, in Closing (Notebook)

Notebook salutes those exemplary characters from the Class of 1999: the commencement speakers and honorary doctorates. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

NATO Bombing (Notebook)

Hi, We're Just Updating The CIA's Rolodex...



Broadband On Trial

As the antitrust trial of the century moves to its endgame, the real action--as Microsoft sees it--is the tug-of-war with America Online for high-speed access to the Internet

Freeport's Lode of Trouble

The U.S. company's link to ousted Indonesian President Suharto could jeopardize its primary mining operation


Cinema: Paradise Regained (The Arts / Cinema)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio returns from the land of the lost to glow in John Sayles' Limbo

Music: He Sings Higher (The Arts / Music)

David Daniels, the burly alto with a beard, is making opera buffs swoon

Juror Number 5 (The Arts / Short Takes)

HBO, June 1 (and dates throughout the month)


Sexual Bullying (Personal Time / Your Family)

Schools are now required to protect kids from lewd harassment. Here's how you can help

Afraid of the Dark (Personal Time / Your Money)

Extending trading hours seems like a good idea--but beware of bumps in the night

My Neighbor's Dish (Personal Time / Your Technology)

EchoStar's new DISHPlayer lets you tap into direct-broadcast satellite--and surf the Web

Kids and Surgery (Personal Time / Your Health)

Doctors operate on 3 million children each year. Here's how to keep the trauma to a minimum

Ask Anita (Personal Time / Your Technology)


Health: Diets For Life (Time Select / Health)

Yes, it's better to eat less as you age, but research shows that you can't stint on essential nutrients

Health: Never Too Old (Time Select / Health)

Sexually active seniors are one of the fastest-growing HIV-infected populations in the U.S.

Alger, Ales And Joe (History)

Was McCarthy on the right track? A batch of new books takes a fresh look at the red scare

Health: Turbocharge Your Taste (Time Select / Health)

When flavor falls flat, the problem may lie not in the food but in a waning ability to taste and smell