Held Back

Eager to toughen the standards in public schools, politicians are calling for an end to social promotion. But forcing kids to repeat a grade may hurt more than help

Doyenne Of The Dollars

She's got connections, and she throws great parties. Can Beth Dozoretz bring Democrats the dough?

Skidding To Disaster

Nine die when Flight 1420 to Little Rock tries to land in a violent storm. What went wrong?


Warfighting 101 (Kosovo Crisis / The Warriors)

The Pentagon is already debating the military lessons of Kosovo. There are some big surprises


Geeks vs. G-Men

A virtual shooting war breaks out between hackers and the FBI. Are the kids really worth the trouble?


Satellite (Notebook)

Lunar Prospector Sent On Suicide Mission



Mutual Fund Meltdown

There are about 600 mutual fund families. Most of them can't beat the market. So why do we need them?


Television: The Way They Were (The Arts / Television)

It's sex, war and microchips in a nifty movie about the pioneers of the personal computer era

Cinema: Him Tarzan, Him Great (The Arts / Cinema)

Disney's animators triumph by turning the ape-man into a questing kid with a surfer's agility and an identity crisis

Art: Going For Mass Appeal (The Arts / Art)

An abandoned factory becomes a harmonious home for a broad array of contemporary works

Books: In The Name Of Evil (The Arts / Books)

The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin is really fine fiction about the life of a really horrible man


Life With Palm VII (Personal Time / Your Technology)

After a few weeks with the wireless wonder, I can't find anything wrong with it--except its cost

Day-Trading Funds (Personal Time / Your Money)

Not yet, but it's inevitable. Here's how to survive an increasingly complex stock-fund world

Change Of Life (Personal Time / Your Family)

My dad is weighing a move to a continuing-care facility. So why did he buy a new lawn mower?

Muscle Candy (Personal Time / Your Health)

Think you'll hit like Mark and Sammy if you take androstenedione and creatine? Dream on


The Miracle HELEN KELLER (Time 100)

She altered our perception of the disabled and remapped the boundaries of sight and sense

With Voices Raised (Time 100)

Among the eloquent cries for black empowerment were separatists and rebels, preachers and dreamers, and an opera singer barred from a concert hall

The Conquerors HILLARY & TENZING (Time 100)

By conquering Everest, the beekeeper and the Sherpa affirmed the power of humble determination--and won one for underdogs everywhere

MUHAMMAD ALI: The Greatest (Time 100)

Floating, stinging, punching, prophesying, he transformed his sport and became the world's most adored athlete

The Blond MARILYN MONROE (Time 100)

She sauntered through life as the most delectable sex symbol of the century and became its most enduring pop confection

MOTHER TERESA: The Saint (Time 100)

In fighting for the dignity of the destitute in a foreign land, she gave the world a moral example that bridged divides of culture, class and religion

BILLY GRAHAM: The Preacher (Time 100)

Transcending doctrine and denomination, he served as the nation's spiritual counselor and made America safe for public testimonies of faith

The Gladiator BRUCE LEE (Time 100)

With nothing but his hands, feet and a lot of attitude, he turned the little guy into a tough guy

PELE: The Phenomenon (Time 100)

He dominated soccer for two decades with a passion matched only by that of his fans throughout the world

The Diarist ANNE FRANK (Time 100)

With a diary kept in a secret attic, she braved the Nazis and lent a searing voice to the fight for human dignity

BILL W. : The Healer (Time 100)

From the rubble of a wasted life, he overcame alcoholism and founded the 12-step program that has helped millions of others do the same

The Dissident ANDREI SAKHAROV (Time 100)

By courageously speaking truth to power, he became the conscience of the cold war and inspired the movement that toppled Soviet communism

CHE GUEVARA: The Guerrilla (Time 100)

Though communism may have lost its fire, he remains the potent symbol of rebellion and the alluring zeal of revolution

The Princess Diana (Time 100)

Why could we not avert our eyes from her? Was it because she beckoned? Or was there something else we longed for?

Uneasy Crowns (Time 100)

You think the Windsors have it bad? Here's how other royals fared

Dubious Influences (Time 100)

The century had its minor villains and antiheroes who caused no little bit of havoc

Heroes And Icons (Time 100)

They thrilled us and brought tears to our eyes. And we shaped our lives with the lessons of their fervor and folly, their tragedies and triumphs

The Dynasty The Kennedys (Time 100)

With its mix of political triumph and human tragedy, their saga enthralled the nation and made them America's most powerful family

The Pioneer HARVEY MILK (Time 100)

People told him no openly gay man could win political office. Fortunately, he ignored them