Who Chose George Bush? (Campaign 2000)

It took luck, hard work and a brand name for Governor Bush of Texas to become the front runner. Now the question is, Can he make it to the White House?

How George Got His Groove (Campaign 2000)

The late-blooming Bush was a failure at 40. But he changed his life and found a road that led him to the statehouse and beyond. Here's how

Taking Aim at Show Biz

Most of the post-Littleton lawmaking has focused on guns. Now it's Hollywood's turn to squirm


Who Really Won?

Upstaged by Russia, NATO now faces the thankless task of occupying Kosovo



Cellblock Seniors

They have grown old and frail in prison. Must they still be locked up?





Internet IPOs: What Goes Up...

Cyberstocks soared when the supply was thin. This year some $20 billion in Net shares will reach the market. Guess where prices are going


Hitched in Home Room

Seeking to curb divorces, schools are teaching the facts of married life. Is it for better or for worse?


Zoey Had Two Moms

A lesbian couple breaks up, and the birth mom wants sole custody. Is that fair?

Ending the Roundups

With Chicago's antiloitering law struck down, California is a model for how to fight street gangs


Cinema: Austin's Power (The Arts / Cinema)

He's back. And with enough mojo to be even bigger than he was the last time

Books: Dessert, Anyone? (The Arts / Books)

Thomas Harris' Hannibal tracks the evil gourmand through a third course

Music: Motown Motormouths (The Arts / Music)

A new generation of white Detroit rappers is scoring Top 10 hits. Should you believe the hype?


Fiction Drills (Personal Time / Your Family)

Summer's here, and your child isn't reading? Time to start a book boot camp--for both of you

A Real R2D2? (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Finally, a household robot designed to ease the burdens of humankind. But does it really work?

Are Cigars Safe? (Personal Time / Your Health)

No. But that message has been getting lost as they rise in popularity. Here's the latest evidence


Family Travel: The Easy Riders (Time Select / Family Travel)

How one family (the writer's) exploits technology to keep the peace on its annual summertime trek

Family: The Lice Breakers (Time Select / Family)

In the end, only hard work and a hands-on search get rid of these little suckers

Family: They're All About Family (Time Select / Family)

A safety manual, an ethics primer for kids, an unusual family album and a guide for adults who want to share

Family Travel: Are We There Yet? (Time Select / Family Travel)

Getting there is seldom the fun part of the annual family holiday jaunt. But it need not be that way. Here are some TIME-tested tips--not only for surviving but for thriving on the highway with a carl