Lott's Trial Balloon

Is he statesman enough to sell his plan for a quick Senate decision on Clinton?


Men Who Would Be Bibi

Other Israeli politicians can't stand Netanyahu, but the voters may still stick by him


Racing To Map Our DNA (The Future Of Medicine)

Competition from private labs has forced the Human Genome Project into a frantic rush to finish first

Craig Venter: Gene Maverick (The Future Of Medicine)

Craig Venter is a man in a hurry, and now all the genome mappers are operating on Venter time

Good Eggs, Bad Eggs (The Future Of Medicine)

The growing power of prenatal genetic tests is raising thorny new questions about ethics, fairness and privacy

Playing the Odds (The Future Of Medicine)

Health insurers want to know what's in your DNA

DNA Detectives (The Future Of Medicine)

Genetic fingerprinting is already being used to identify criminals. Can the rest of us be far behind?

Designer Babies (The Future Of Medicine)

Parents can now pick a kid's sex and screen for genetic illness. Will they someday select for brains and beauty too?

Fixing the Genes (The Future Of Medicine)

Gene therapy, heralded in the early 1990s, then stalled by one setback after another, is finally starting to live up to its promise

Cloning: Dolly's False Legacy (The Future Of Medicine)

There is more to cloning than mere science--and more to human character than scientists can discover in a person's genes

Drugs By Design (The Future Of Medicine)

Thanks to genetics, the pharmaceutical industry is exploding with new ideas

Cursed by Eugenics (The Future Of Medicine)

A belief that human intelligence could guide evolution led the world to concentration camps

Brave New Farm (The Future Of Medicine)

The first commercial products bred by genetic engineering incur a backlash in Europe, where Frankenstein fears run deep

All for the Good (The Future Of Medicine)

Why genetic engineering must soldier on

Seed of Controversy (The Future Of Medicine)

Will this unemployed physicist be first to clone humans?

Success Stories (The Future Of Medicine)

The verdict on the pioneering children of gene therapy: so far, so good


The First Couple (Notebook / The Scoop)

Bill and Hill: Once More On the Public Couch



Lean Times on the Farm

If hog prices are so low, why isn't pork cheaper? Struggling farmers want help--and some answers


Television: Fox Gets Superanimated (The Arts / Television)

Don't have a cow, man, but the network that Bart Simpson has called home for the past nine years is now betting its future on three new cartoon series


Stealth Tax Hikes (Personal Time / Your Money)

Tax cuts got lots of ink, but the overall tab will rise this year; here's why--and what you can do

I Get Mail! (Personal Time / Your Technology)

And the subjects range from the technologically sublime to the sociologically ridiculous

Diet: Try, Try Again (Personal Time / Your Health)

Another year, another chance to make your New Year's diet and exercise resolutions stick