What Good Did It Do?

The air assault battered Iraq, but it hasn't wiped out the threat posed by Saddam's secret lethal arsenal

Washington Burning

For only the second time in history, the House impeaches the President as bombs burst in air and partisanship flares out of control


Genetics (Notebook / The Scoop)

What If They Cloned a Man and Nobody Cared?

The Pop Life (Notebook / The Scoop)

Hip-Hopping to the Church on Time


Second Acts (The Follow-Up)

In a year overwhelmed by a certain political controversy, many other stories had briefer moments in the media sun. Here are the sequels


Cinema: Ho, Ho (Well, No) (The Arts / Cinema)

Christmas is supposed to bring tidings of comfort and joy, but you won't find much of that at the 'plexes this season. Instead the big holiday films are about war, cancer and industrial pollution

Music: Tuning Up New Tenors (The Arts / Music)

Pavarotti and Domingo are nearing the end of their reigns. The search is on for heirs apparent


A Stern Warning (Personal Time / Your Money)

As Infinity's offering shows, you should look beyond the prospectus before buying stock

Favorite Things (Personal Time / Your Technology)

I've made up my list and checked it twice. Here's a rundown of gadgets I love

Healthy Germs (Personal Time / Your Health)

What's the next trend at your health-food store? Bacteria that fight diarrhea and other illnesses


Mark McGwire: Mark of Excellence (Hero Of The Year)

To reach the summit, McGwire overcame a failed marriage, a crisis of confidence and a pain-racked body. What bred the will to succeed?


Men Of The Year (Men Of The Year)

There is rubble everywhere around us now. The fate of a President moved from the hands of a flushed girl on a rope line to the halls of a howling Congress in battle fatigues. Civility, long rationed,

The Clinton In Us All (Men Of The Year)

Those who hate him seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to him

How Starr Sees It (Men Of The Year)

Probing the prosecutor: a TIME investigation and Starr's first major print interview