Anatomy Of An Outbreak

There's a deadly microbe loose on the land, and medical detectives are hot on its trail


Breaking The Silence

Now that Clinton has been subpoenaed, will his lawyer David Kendall let him tell the story, and if so, what will that story be?

Shining A Light On Abuse

Following a TIME story, Congress reports that many nursing-home residents are beaten and starved. Who's to blame?


Can Iran Be Forgiven?

A dramatic meeting between a former American hostage and one of his captors could be a powerful symbol of reconciliation


Dolly, You're History

By making dozens of copies of a mouse, scientists take cloning one step closer to the assembly line


Going Out on a Limb (Medicine)

Louisville doctors announce the first successful hand transplant before they even lift a scalpel


Absolutely No Evidence

A U.S. military investigation dismisses a CNN-TIME report on the use of sarin in Indochina


Get Thee To a Monastery

Looking for a bit of R. and R.? Flock to a spiritual retreat. But book early. Space is limited


California (Notebook / The Scoop)

Corporate Power Is Backing Hispanic Power

Sorrow And Pity (Notebook / The Scoop)

Contrition Goes Online As War Criminals Repent


The Moon and the Clones (Essay)

With the death of Alan Shepard, the future looks a little retrograde. Bring on the mice


Mr. Surround-Sound

Think Bill Gates is competitive? New Microsoft president Steve Ballmer can outbark him any day

How Blockbuster Changed The Rules

How's this for a strategy? Give the customers the hot products they want. Sounds simple, and it's at the core of the company's sharp turnaround

A Legal Press In Texas

A state court targets self-help publisher Nolo Press for making it too easy to bypass lawyers


Cinema: The Class Of '98 (The Arts / Cinema)

First they took over your TV. Now they're clogging the 'plexes! It's the Invasion of the Teen Stars, and Hollywood moguls couldn't be happier

Music: Shelter In The Storm (The Arts / Music)

With its cool alternative to alternative rock, the Dave Matthews Band has the summer's hot tour

Cinema: Pi (The Arts / Short Takes)

Written and Directed by Darren Aronofsky


Hollywood Online (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Are you a hopeless movie buff? Want to bet on the box office? These websites are just for you (Personal Time / Your Money)

Despite their soaring prices, the best Internet stocks are still bargains. Here's how to pick 'em

Prevent Crib Death (Personal Time / Your Health)

Sudden-infant-death syndrome is declining, thanks to parent action. Here's what you can do