The Lucky Thirteen

A record Powerball jackpot sparks interstate lottery obsession and produces a group of odds-be-damned winners


Bosnia: The Hunt For Karadzic

The inside story of the American and French plans to capture--or kill--Bosnia's leading war criminal. So where is he now, and why hasn't he been arrested?


Le Tour des Drugs (Medicine)

The performance boosters that spoiled the world's biggest bicycle race are threatening all sports


Trail Of The Grifters (Crime)

Two people have vanished, and a third is dead. Cops suspect a mother-and-son team of scam artists


Sibling Rivalry (Notebook / The Scoop)

Succession Disputes Seem Possible in Jordan

More Nukes (Notebook / The Scoop)

Is North Korea the Latest to Proliferate?



Scary Splice

A new round of mergers reflects big phone companies' fears of competition. But it's coming anyway, through the Internet, bringing lower rates for callers

Fire Up The Kneetop

Sony hopes this new, ultrathin notebook can kick-start its stalled PC business


Funny: The Next Generation (The Arts / Show Business)

The new comedians rely on characters, gimmicks and physical comedy. The joke has died

Linc's (The Arts / Short Takes)

Showtime, Saturday


Girls on Steroids (Personal Time / Your Health)

Among young athletes, these dangerous drugs are all the rage. Is your daughter using them?

Sue 'Em for Fraud? (Personal Time / Your Money)

Shareholder suits are for the lawyers, but here is how to get the most out of your class action

Bugs Of Summer (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Millions of e-mail programs are now dangerously infested. Here's how to fumigate yours


Ken Starr: Tick, Tock, Tick... ...Talk (Special Report)

All at once, Ken Starr persuades both players in the Lewinsky scandal to come forward and testify. Here, an inside account of how he did it. Are Americans finally about to hear the whole truth?

What's in Starr's Files? (Special Report)

The prosecutor's dossier includes seven months of witnesses and hours of tape. And then there's the dress

It May Blow Up on You (Special Report)

After months on the sidelines, Congress braces itself for Starr's report. But with November approaching, will anyone dare touch it?

Breakdown on the Road to History (Special Report)

Bill Clinton thought 1998 would be the year to cement his place in the big book of Presidents. But now Ken Starr is doing most of the writing