FDR's Lessons For Obama (The Legacy of FDR)

Franklin D. Roosevelt seized the time. He used the Depression as an opportunity to revolutionize American life for generations to come. Can Obama use the current crisis to do something similar?

Photographing FDR

Photos: In an era of great technical advances, Roosevelt harnessed the medium's power like no president before him

The Relentless Mrs. Roosevelt (The Well / The Legacy of FDR)

How Eleanor did all kinds of things that no other First Lady could manage before--or since

The Young Eleanor Roosevelt

Photos: The future First Lady learned at an early age that one's prospects in life were not totally dependent on physical beauty

Getting It Right

The nation's ills called for a flexible, dynamic politician, and FDR stepped up and came through

The First 100 Days (The Well / The Legacy of FDR)

Faced with a nation in crisis, FDR and his advisers started his first term in a feverish scramble to remake government and get the U.S. back on its feet

Deal or No Deal? (The Well / The Legacy of FDR)

Why did the Great Depression last so long? In many ways, Roosevelt was a hero, but some of his policies actually delayed the recovery for years

The Price of World Peace (The Well / The Legacy of FDR)

Haunted by Wilson's failure, FDR taught future generations of leaders that absolute moral purity isn't the best way to reshape the world

An Enduring New Deal (The Well / The Legacy of FDR)

A look at how FDR's programs have shaped today's society


Learning from FDR

Our annual Making of America issue shows how the 32nd President turned a crisis into an opportunity. That's a lesson for today




Decaptivating (Exhibitions)

Yinka Shonibare's headless sculptures make a witty, damning commentary on colonialism