Michael 1958-2009 (Michael Jackson / 1958-2009)

With a Dramatic Pause, the World Mourned the Death of a Brilliant but Troubling Idol

Prodigy 1958-1977 (Michael Jackson / Prodigy)

A Little Boy with Outsize Gifts Takes Charge of His Family's Band, Then Leaves It Far Behind

Superstar 1978-1989 (Michael Jackson / Superstar)

No Celebrity Supernova Burned Brighter Than Michael Jackson At the Peak of His Career

Jacko 1990-2009 (Michael Jackson / Jacko)

Deformed by Surgery. Warped by Fame. The Sad End of an American Icon

Music 1971-2001 (Music)

A 10-Album Catalog of Unforgettable Chart-Topping Hits, with a Few Autobiographical Glimpses


Remembering Michael

From Sheryl Crow and John Mayer to Stevie Wonder and Kobe Bryant, celebrities recall Michael Jackson as a great musician, performer and good friend